Know What Makes Tarn Taran Sahib In Amritsar A Gem That Is Not To Be Missed At All

Punjab is the land of great history known for its new religion and its people. This is the land of Sikhs and they are friendly people to stay in harmony with other religious groups present in India. Tarn Taran is a historic place and religious place to visit once in your Punjab tour. Once you visit here, you will know why is called it is the gem of Punjab state in north India. You can see the rich Punjabi art and crafts of this place. The people present here follow the traditional attire and costumes. You can see this place is untouched by modernization. You must check Tarn Taran Sahib in Amritsar is in the list of Punjab tour.  The best season to visit Tarn Taran is from September to February. It is advisable to avoid the hot summer season. You can reach this place by air, road and rail routes. It has one of the best connectivity from all major cities of India.

Khalistan Movement

The Khalistan movement broke out many revolts after independent of India. This moment was such a strength that it showed the unity if the Sikhs in India. It becomes a violent uproar during the 1980s and 1990s. However, in the present time, it is a lovable village with peaceful Sikh people. They are mostly the agricultural people and relay on agro-industries. These are the best part of the village life to see in this place. This is the region, where most of the Sikh people live in India. Presently, it is one of the richest village and people live in harmony.

Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Temple

[caption id="attachment_10867" align="aligncenter" width="810"]Tarn Taran Sahib Source: Tarn Taran Sahib[/caption] This temple is built in the 15th century in Punjab. The 5th Guru Shri Arjan Dev Ji laid stone for this temple. It still stands as one of the important pilgrim places for the Sikhs. It is a well-preserved shrine in Punjab. Anyone can enter this temple is its uniqueness. They pray for peace and tranquility.  This temple has difficult times during the British rule. The Sikh people were denied to practice their custom and religion. It went a lot of reforms during this period. Now, it is the only place to see the Sikh custom and culture. It is the best place to see its culture in one place. They are lovable people with great courage and will to do anything. This is a beautiful temple with marble and gold plating on the interior and exterior side. They look beautiful during the day and night time with lights. The Har Ki Pauri pool is the best to drink its water. It is considered to be a holy water for the Sikhs.   This place has much other import Gurudwara or the Sikh shrines to visit once in Tarn Taran. The Sikhs go to this shine as part of their belief. The people from other religion do visit here to seek blessing from the Guru. People from all sects and religion can enter this shire.  

Tarn Taran

The Bhangi Sikh Dynasty was popular in Punjab during the medieval period. It is the land, which has ruled by Maharaj Ranjith Singh. Its Kings were known to win every battle they fought with the colonial rulers and Islamic invasion. This land has preserved its rich history and culture of the Sikhs. The Tarn Taran Sahib stood as one of the important decision making the place for the Sikhs. After independence, it is one of the richest places. It is the best place to see how people can live a better life with agriculture. They stood untidily for the progress of their religion and their state in India. This was the place which took shape for the formation of the Sikh religion in India. However, it is the only pilgrim place for the Sikhs living in India and aboard. The best time to visit Tarn Taran Sahib in Amritsar is during the winter season. Punjab is a tourist-friendly place in India. It is the best place to see the Punjabi art and culture in one place. You must book online to get some discounts and offers. A week-long Tarn Taran tour will be the best to explore this land of the Sikhs and their customs.]]>

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