10 Best Treks in India for your Adventure Tour

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Mesmerising Valley Of Flowers

valley of flower Situated at an altitude of 3900 m, spread across 11 kilometres, the Valley of flowers is the most beautiful spectacle. Surrounded by lush greenery and exotic flora that blossom during the monsoon is a site to see. Trekking here is easy and even a beginner can visit it. The myriad flowers and the colourful flowers blooming in the monsoon are to be captured in your camera for sure. For best experience you should plan your journey between July to mid of September and it will take maximum 6 days.

Challenging Trek to Kanchenjunga

kanchenjunga-trekking For those who want to take an adventure trekking trip, Singalila Ridge (Darjeling) is the best that is situated at an altitude of 4940 mts. The beautiful snow covered peaks spread across 700 kms is incredible to look at. What makes it one of the most majestic trekking adventure is that is contains the four highest mountains in the world, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Mt Everest and Makalu. The journey is full of challenges and trekking is arduous with 20 days of trip leading from Singalila to the Goecha-La pass near to the Mt. Kanchenjunga. The best time to visit this place is from second week of March to May and then again from September – October.

Trek in the Beautiful Kumaon Himalayas

trekking-in-kumaon-himalayas This trek offers an opportunity to explore the amazing base camp of Nanda Devi East. The challenge for the trekkers is posed by the Milam Glacier, situated at an altitude of 4670 mts; this trek is often a fascination to mountaineers and explorers from all over the world. The trail surrounded by beautiful landscapes is strikingly beautiful. Visit it between the months of May- second week October. It will take you 18 days to cover the entire region of Kumaon Himalaya.

Enjoy Camping at the Gomukh Trek

gomukh-trek Trekking alongside the Bhagirathi River you will be lead to the Gomukh that is the source of it. Enjoy your stay at the Tapovan camp that is known for its rare Himalayan sites. The most popular trekking destination for its eight peaks that contains 3 Bhagirathi peaks along with Sudharshan, Chaturangi, Meru Parvat, Shivling and Bhirgupanth. At an altitude of 4465 mts it is a 12 day long trek that is good for moderate trekker that makes for a great camping site with huge meadows surrounding it. Remember to visit it during the favorable months falling between May- October. Enjoy the clean air, the serenity and the meadows while camping at Tapovan camp.

Trek to Pindari Glacier

pindari-glacier Kumaon is a region located in Uttarakhand that is known for its Pindari Glacier situated at an altitude of 3990 mts. The glacier is known for the Pindar Ganga that is the source of it. Stretched at 3 kms it is an easy trekking site that can be enjoyed by novices. Enjoy trekking along the glacier that gives you a view of Nanda Kot, Maiktoli and Panwali Dwar peaks. You will love it for the beauty of snow covered mountain peaks and the peace of mind that you will experience there. Best time to visit is from May to October and your trek will last for 9 to 12 days.

Trek to the Tea House in Ladakh

markha-valley-trek Ladakh is already world famous for its trekking trails that is always fascinating to its visitors. The Markha Valley is well known for its spiritually uplifting trek that runs amongst the monasteries including the Kang Yatze peak and the Nimaling that is visually appealing to the onlooker.  You reach to the highest point to the Kongmaru La 5150 mts. where you get to see K2. Parachute tents are available for cooling your heels that you will find amongst the villages situated around it, for this reason it is often referred as the Tea House trek. The trip demands 12 days of trekking to walk up the ascending mountains, nonetheless, you will still enjoy it for the sheer beauty of getting the view of K2. The best time to visit is from June to second week of October.

Trek to Fascinating Spiti Valley

spiti-valley The Spiti Valley is not only known for its ancient Monastery, but also for Pin Parvati Pass trek situated at an altitude of 5335 mts. You will enjoy the trek trail that gives you a view to several villages, amazing lakes, vibrant meadows and mountains. The trek is challenging that will consume your 18 days; nonetheless it is amazing to have a view of the surrounding landscapes that are one of a kind. The biggest advantage is making a stop at a Monastery while you are returning Manali via Kaza and the most famous Rohtang pass. The best time to take a trek is from second week of June to second week of October.

Hampta Pass trek – The Beginners Delight

hamta-pass-trek If you are a beginner and want to experience the thrill of trekking then the best place to begin is The Hampta Pass trek that is stretched around 35 kms and situated at an altitude of 4400 mts. You will find the journey taking you through the deodar forests and all the way to the snow covered valley leading you to the barren landscapes of Lahul and the Spiti that are often appreciated for their unique beauty. The trek lasts for 5 days and it includes camping at Chandrataal or the Moon Lake due to its crescent shape that is one more fascinating stoppage point adding a charm to your trekking experience. To enjoy your trekking, visit it during June to second week of November.

Enjoy the View of Stok Kangri

stok-karngri-trek Situated at an altitude of 6153 mts Stok Kangri is known for its natural beauty and the snow clad mountains. It is often the most preferred trekking destination to those who are seeking adventure at the highest known mountain range that is hell of a challenging expedition and meant for experienced climbers. The fascination of the immaculately white snow is something that makes the trek worthwhile. You will need 12 days to cover the trekking trail and the right time to visit is from June and October.

A Trekking Trail to Remote Villages

trekking-trail-to-remote-villages How often do you wish to take a trekking trail that has a scenic view and gets you to experience the culture of that place? Well, there is one such trekking trail that takes you through distant villages, it is the Shepherds trail. This falls between the Dhauladhar mountain ranges near to Dharmashala town. It is the trail that is rough and lies un-spoilt in its natural form. Begin trekking from Manali and your journey comes to a finish line at Bara Bhangal that is the Shepherd’s village. The pave, the less traversed hike trail and the exquisite shrubs on the way makes for a beautiful experience. The altitude is 4450 mts, and it will take you 18 days to cover the trekking trail, the best time to visit is between April to June and then September to November. Enjoy your trip to India and make your vacation memorable.]]>

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