A peek into the brief history of Surajkund Mela Delhi

An ancient reservoir, Suraj Kund is situated 2 kilometres from the Anagpur Dam. Surajkund is a man-made Kund built into the setting of the Aravalli slopes with an amphitheater shaped embankment built in crescent structure. On the off chance that you live in Noida and need to visit a sublime handiwork mela, then Surajkund is the spot for you.  Just book a Noida to Faridabad cab come to the place to witness the excellence created by local artisans. There’s also a Sun Temple on its western bank built by the Gujjar king Suraj Pal of Tomar dynasty who was a devout sun worshipper in the 10th century. surajkund faridabad Surajkund, situated at a distance of 8 km from Delhi, is the host of the traditional craft fair. Visitors of Surajkund can still discover the remnants of the amphitheater sun pool, the history of which goes back to the tenth century. The name of Surajkund is most presumably gotten from this antiquated amphitheater. Previously the surrounding spots were under the control of the Tomar family and the chieftain, Raja Suraj Pal, of the sun admirers had constructed the sun pool in the adjoining zone. surajkund mela The social and tourism celebration of the state of Haryana is Surajkund Crafts Mela (fair). The fascinating celebration pulls colossal quantities of people from different corners of India because of the great and striking handicrafts and handlooms. The specialities of the festival are its genuine scents and kinds of rich foods. suraj kund The marvelous fair, began in 1987, gives a critical stage to the skillful and capable specialists who can undoubtedly showcase their gifts with their great and sublime handicrafts. The typical handiworks and handlooms look glorious in the country background. It is a stage where craftsmen from throughout the nation assemble in one place and unquestionably bringing the age old Indian societies into the spotlight from numerous years. suraj kund tour The theme, particular to a condition of India, is portrayed at the entrance to the Mela grounds and gives an atmosphere of that specific state with trademark hues, materials, design, furniture and embellishments. The artworks in plain view in the 400 stalls is of specific specialties of that state. So, don’t worry about the Noida to Faridabad distance as it takes hardly 1 hour to reach the place. Come down to the city by Noida to Faridabad cab and enjoy handcrafts galore.  The Mela likewise incorporates a sustenance celebration covering a portion of the well known cooking styles from various parts of the nation. Excitement in the forms of famous rhythms and dance of folk theater is likewise held here amid the celebration.]]>

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