Silvassa – a quaint town that you should have on your bucket list

Silvassa, better known as the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, for long, has enticed the backpackers with its magnificent and unspoiled natural splendor. It is an ideal destination, full of tourist attractions and historic monuments, to visit on next vacation and spend a fun and undisturbed vacation.  

Situated just about 167 k.m. from Mumbai, Silvassa is a former Portuguese town and home to a rich and fascinating wildlife, beaches, small hillocks, and lovely people. The place is indeed an ideal destination where one would like to spend the vacation. The timeless place still oozes the essence of the bygone era and travelling to the place feels like you have somehow traveled back in time. As per the historical records the place originally houses a cluster of 72 villages and the region fell in the territory of the Marathas. In the 18th century the Marathas gave the place away to the Portuguese following a treaty between the two empires, as since then the place remained a Portuguese outpost in the Indian territory till August 1954. In 1961, the place was included in the Indian Union Territory; the same year when Goa was included as a part of India. Many Romans-Catholic churches and Portuguese quarters still stand dotting the region. Although weathered and some even crumbling, they reflect the checkered past of the region, which is an allure that is worth exploring. Catch a Vapi to Silvassa taxi, it hardly takes 30 minutes to cover the distance.

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Bestowed in abundance by nature and cultural heritage Silvassa is a backpacker’s paradise. It is no exaggeration to state that the place is a love-at-first-sight. You will find tranquil beaches, waterfalls, lush jungles, small hillocks, and multiple wildlife sanctuaries, all within the province of the place. Traces of the history and old culture can be found in the Tribal Culture Museum and the old churches. While the churches still preserve the religious heritage that Portuguese left in the town as their remnants, the Tribal Museum is more inclined towards the tribes and houses a large concentration of masks, hunting and agricultural tools, fishing gears, handmade musical instruments, and kitchen articles.

Being here is indeed an opportunity to relish the best of nature. Away from the hullaballoo of modernity and the madness, which is the general scene in the larger cities the place offers a refreshing respite. In fact, people of Mumbai and Pune, just often frequent to the place, thus making it one of the most popular getaways in the region. Spend some time with the locals, they are very simple living and value their cultural heritage. It is quite interesting that within just a couple of hours drive away from the chaotic Mumbai city, there exists such a tranquil place. The slow paced life will itself entice you. Wake up late, eat breakfast in bed, and put on the trekking shoes and go for a fun tour of the place. It is a small place and it is possible to access many of the major landmarks on foot. The good thing is that the place is quite safe for women.
Tourist attractions and allures are available in plenty here and spending two to three days is simply worth. Individuals coming from Gujarat can reach Vapi first, which is the second largest city in south Gujarat and catch a Vapi to Silvassa cab. However, tourist rather prefer to reach Mumbai first and hire a taxi to the quaint city.

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