Sights to see in Shanghai

Being the largest populated city in the world, with a total population of over twenty three million, the city is home to global influence to media, fashion, transport, finance, immense culture and commerce. The city is located near Yangtze River Delta. Some of the top attractions in Shanghai are;sanghai tour

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Standing steady with a height of 1536 feet, it boasts of being the tallest building and TV Tower in Asia.
The building stands near River Huangpu as a modern symbol in Shanghai City. The skyscraper creates a great tourists attraction. The architectural style of combining traditional culture of Chinese make the building the newest and among the well thought designs in the country.

Xin Tian Di
Being one of the most fashionable streets in the middle of the city, it is made of modern architectural style as well as Shikumen style. The street breathes immense historical and cultural atmosphere. Outdoor romantic restaurants, cafes and bars make it unique and attractive to the visitors. The leisurely life style represents the majority city’s new generation.

World Financial Center
Standing tall at the height of 1614 feet, the skyscraper boasts of the tallest building in China.  The building has 101 floors and all of them are usable. The skyscraper houses fast class financial centers which showcase their prowess in art exhibitions, cultural events and monetary talents from all over the world. It also has some of the luxurious hotels to accommodate the visits who come to see it or for business purposes. Visitors can see the beauty Shanghai City by purchasing tickets to the sightseeing platform.sanghai tour attraction

Sheshan National Holiday Resort
It is the highest rated tourists’ attraction site. The resort boasts of having Xiaokushan Park, West Park, East Sheshan Park and Tianmashan in it.In the four attraction sites, there are spectacular places to visit and many memorable thing to see. In the West Park, for instance there is the largest church in South Asia called Our Lady of Sheshan, the largest observatories known as Sheshan Observatory and an Astronomy Museum which is a National Science Education Base. In the East Sheshan Park, there are different types of animals and plants like the pangolin, sika deer, moso bamboos and plants like camphoras. The butterfly centre, the wonder stone cave and the bird centre are the main attraction.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
It is one of the largest aquarium in the world with the longest submarine tunnel for viewing. The aquarium is located in Pudong district just near Orient Pearl TV Tower. The aquarium covers 263,910 feet, and it houses a restaurant which has the capacity of three hundred people. The culture and geography of their native sites is displayed in pictures. This gives a visitor a tour of Chinese culture covering a wide variety of places.Tourists using Electronic System Travel Authority Visa (ESTA) can travel all the way from their countries to come and see the structure that dominates the sky.

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