Pondicherry – Experience Two Cultures And Destinations In One Stop

Pondicherry might not have an Eiffel Tower to brag about, but the presence of French influence in this place is mighty strong. Various traits like, from the locals knowing French, to the cuisine, to the architectural influence, this place does not give you the feeling you are in India. With tourism on the continuous rise read on to find out what to expect on your trip here.pondicherry

The mark of a good song is how the music and the lyrics of the song hits the emotions of the listener and makes them instantly connect with it and be taken to that time and space. Similarly, a good holiday destination should not only be about pretty places, but places that take us to another time and space and introduces us to a world of fascination. Pondicherry does that, literally. With a strong influence of the French since the colonial era, the buildings, lifestyle and traditions of Pondicherry makes you feel like you have stepped out of India into a different country.

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The streets of Pondicherry exude a peculiar vibe. The buildings and cottages with the fence surrounding it, to the cafes and restaurants and even the hotels in Pondicherry does not look like anything you would see anywhere else in India. The fences or walls of almost all the houses and cottages are painted with bright colours with full blooms of bougainvilleas of deep dark colours hanging over them. The roads in these streets are small lit up with street lights and the people are always warm and welcoming and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Pondicherry is famous for its beaches, and there are four or five very popular beaches which offer a brilliant view of the sunset and are the main beach party destinations. Shacks are laid up during peak seasons selling food and for accommodation purposes even. Although not as big and popular as the beaches in Goa, the beaches here have their own charm and the people who love it often end up revisiting frequently. The cheap and vast abundance of food and mainly liquor is one major factor people make this a frequent holiday location.

Pondicherry is France in India. Everything sounds fancy in French and you will see a list of fancy French names on the menu in any cafe or restaurants you go. Fine dining restaurants have a strong French influence and a classic good wine and steak with mash potatoes sides is a dish you can expect in any good fine dining restaurant. The menu of these fine dining restaurants may also include French signature dishes like ‘crème brûlée’ and ‘soufflé’. The cafes and bakeries scattered all over Pondicherry will serve you the freshest and the fluffiest croissants and baguettes served with a nice mug of warm good coffee.

Considered as one of the top tourist destinations in India, Pondicherry takes us into a whirlwind experience in one destination. It makes us experience different contrasting cultures in one destination. It enlightens us about a culture we would otherwise never have experienced unless we visit France and also helps us let loose and shake off all our worries and stress partying in the crazy beach parties. It is mostly approached by train and with options like online ticket booking and PNR prediction available now via IRCTC and various other websites, booking a ticket is no longer a hassle.

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