Highway Safety and Travelling Tips for a Traveler


Police officers are always behind you, of course you don’t see them, but trust me, they are there waiting for the minimum infraction to give you an exemplary ticket to show the population how hard they are. And more in Houston, the judges will always look for suspending your driver license, don’t let them do it to you, here are some tips that will be really helpful for you:

1. When entering onto a highway, always take a look at the speed limit and keep a speed below 5 km/h below the limit, then if the cops tries to put give you a ticket, you can ask them for the picture or the  sensor lecture showing that you were driving faster than the limit allowed.

2. Always turn on your directional lights with enough notice, don’t wait till last meters to turn it on, cops don’t like it.

3. Stay focus on the road, remember that you are on a highway, any distraction could mean a big accident.

4. Use your seatbelt, don’t forget it never! When you open the door of your car and sit, the first thing you should do is to wear the seatbelt.

Image.5. Always keep your car checked, something small like one of the directional lights burned, could represent to lose your driver license or even spend some days in jail if you don’t have points left.

6. If you see a Stop signal on the road, stop completely, this is a rule you should never forget.

7. The lights you should use just in the evenings, but if it is a rainy day, you should use even if is during the day.

8. If you are stopped by a cop, never but never, get off the vehicle, you should stop in a safe area, turn your safety lights and wait for the police officer to reach to the vehicle.

9. If you hear an ambulance or police car with the emergency sound, you should go to your right and while you reduces your speed, wait till these cars have passed.

10. Finally, the most important, never but never, you should try to drive while intoxicated, there are many programs now by the insurance companies where you can use the service of someone to drive on behalf of you, this is a great service you should ask to your insurance company.

There are many rules you shall keep in mind before starting a journey on the highways, also there are many interesting tips you should know if a police officer wants to bring you to jail, Avoiding the problem is a better way to solve it. So I advise you to take care of driving tips on the highway, especially when you rent a car during your holiday travel trip.

Author Bio: In this article Peter Lee shared some tips about highway driving with us. He is working at Singapore Changi Airport and deals in Car rental Services. He knows how a little mistake can spoil your mood and leads to a traffic ticket, so he suggested some driving tips to the travelers so that they can enjoy their holidays without facing any trouble.


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