Charms of Mysore – Must See Places in the City

Mysore was once home of the Wodeyar Dynasty who ruled this city from 1399 – 1947. Since then, Mysore has been the pride of India, with New York Times proclaiming it to be one of the 31 must-visit places in the World. Mysore has also very well worked on sustainable eco friendly models for their structures and city, giving it the title of “Green City of India.”

From majestic palaces to ancient temples, Mysore has a vibrant fusion of the old and contemporary. Read ahead to know more about the charms of Mysore that one must visit while touring this gorgeous city.

Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas)

mysore palace

The landmark of the city, the Mysore Palace was the residence of the royal family of Mysore. The palace is some 20 minutes away from the airport, and is pretty much in proximity to the bust stand. The most awe-inspiring sight is when the whole palace is illuminated with lights on Sunday evenings and public holidays. Mysore Palace is also one of the most visited places in India, which allures tourists from all around the World. Also check out the other royal properties around, of which, the finest ones are now heritage hotels in Mysore.

Mysore Zoo

mysore zoo

If visiting with kids in Mysore, then the vast exhibit of the Mysore Zoo will delight them like nothing else. The zoo has a disparate variety of animal species that are confined within spacious exhibits. Although the zoo is lined with an array of trees that make it a cool walk through the premises, one can even tour through in a battery operated van for added convenience. Remember, Mysore is very strict when it comes to garbage disposal and use of plastic, so better dump that trash in allocating bins only.

Somnathpur Temple

somnathpur temple mysore

The striking Hoysala architecture of the Somnathpur Temple is a sheer delight for the avid art aficionados and for those who love digging deep into the historical roots. The intricate detailing on the temple walls and facade is worth observing closely. The place is usually not very crowded, so one can tour through the divine site peacefully. Not actually recommended for big groups, but for the solo explorers and lovers of art and architecture, a visit to this temple is a must.

Brindavan Gardens

vrindavan garden

Thousands of tourists visit this vast area of sprawling gardens every year, especially to see the striking dancing fountains. There are fountains of different shapes and sizes that dance to the tune of the music played along with pretty sparkling lights. The place is an ideal spot for an evening out with family, friends, or a special someone.

Jaganmohan Palace

jaganmohan palace

This marvel in white was built by the Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III as an alternate residence for the royal Wodeyar family, when the Mysore Palace burned down to ashes in a terrible fire accident. The Jaganmohan Palace is built in traditional Hindu architectural style with intricate details and has an amazing collection of artifacts and paintings by Raja Ravi Varma. Therefore, the art gallery of this palace is a major attraction for tourists.

It is recommended to take a sneak preview of the aforementioned sites on a good travel portal or a travel app, for these have made it pretty  easier for tourists to navigate through a city that they never have been to. One can even check the PNR status of the trains on such apps. Rest, about Mysore, the city is clean, green, and very maintained, so one should keep in mind the cleanliness standards while visiting.


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