Hotels in Mahabaleshwar offering sojourn, memorable trip of the town

Mahabaleshwar, well-known as the honeymoon destination and the perfect escapade for the locals of Mumbai and Pune, is the largest hill station in the Sahyadri mountain range in the state of Maharashtra. Just like most of the hill stations in the nation, Mahabaleshwar is also founded by the homesick British. During their era, which is popularly known as the British Raj, the hill station was the summer capital of Bombay presidency. The hill station bloomed with its old world charm and the unmatched beauty provided by the nature. The climate here is usually cool, making it pleasant for walks and sightseeing. To state the fact each lookout point in the hill station offer spectacular views of the region, that consists everlasting hills and beautiful valleys. It is without doubt a place to unwind and spend sometime relaxing in tranquillity, surrounded by nature.mahabaleshar tour

For a tourist, Mahabaleshwar is a plethora of rewarding opportunities. Each year it is visited by tens and thousands of tourists, making it one of the most visited tourist towns in the nation. However, this also turns out to be a downside of tourism in the hill-station, and because of this it becomes difficult at times to find peace in the hill station. Still, it is certain that one’s trip of the town turns into a fun memorable journey. Getting around the town is usually done by taxis and buses. For a tourist, it will take days to completely unravel all the mysteries of the hill town.mahabaleshwar tours

Mahabaleshwar, also owns a great spiritual significance. There is a magnificent old temple called the Panchganga Temple with lord Shiva as the residing deity. It is the heart of the forest and a highly revered temple in the state, as it is believed that it is the origin of five rivers, including River Krishna.

It is one of the places in the nation which even after embracing modernization still maintained their old-world charm. In total, there are about 25 lookout points in the town. Out of them Lodwick Point, Arthur’s Seat, Kate’s Point, Wilson Point, Bombay Point, Babington Point, Elephant’s head Point, and Lingmala Falls are must visit. Simply relaxing, relishing good food, horse riding, boating, sightseeing, trekking, and picnics are the most popular Mahabaleshwar. While one is in the hill-town, the strawberries, mulberries, and carrots are the must try. These are the specialties of the hill station. Other than these, one should also try the small tomatoes that look like cherries and roasted or boiled in mahabaleshwar

Talking about accommodations in Mahabaleshwar, there are all types of hotels in Mahabaleshwar, ranging from budget hotels/cheap hotels to luxury hotels. Irrespective of the purpose of visit, these hotels ensure that one gets the content stay when in the town. If you wish to splurge on your accommodation amidst of luxuries then Evershine – A Keys Resort, Hotel Anarkali, and Brightland Holiday Village are the best hotels that you may consider.mahabaleshwar travel
Other than these, the other value for money hotels in the town offering comfortable and convenient accommodations include: Evershine – A Keys Resort, Saj Resort, Hotel Saket Plaza, Hotel Dreamland Mahabaleshwar, and Hotel Citrus Chambers.

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