Relish a relaxed & content holiday while enjoying the best of Chakrata

Chakrata is a beautiful, small hill town in the state of Uttarakhand. It is largely popular for being the one of the bases of Indian Army, and is a virtually barred area for the foreigners. It is about 92 km from Dehradun, which also houses the railhead nearest to Chakrata. If one is in the northern region of the nation, Chakrata makes one fine destination for a brief tranquil journey.chakrata

Chakrata, sits besides three of the most popular hill stations in the nation, namely Saharanpur, Dehradun, and Mussoorie. Still, it is yet to find its place in the list of most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Tourism here quite slow, but it is moving in the right direction. A few people know of this hill town and just a few make it to the town. This as a result gives the tourist plenty of time and opportunities to do, see, explore, learn, and relish the best Chakrata. It is one of the places in the nation where one can kickback and relax, enjoy good food, go trekking, and retreat in the lap of the nature.chakrata tour

It is a small town, and most of the tourist attraction points are located in the vicinity of each other. Rickshaws, horses are available in the town. However, many prefer to tour the tourist places on foot, as all the attractions in the town can be accessed by foot.

The good thing is that the town remains ideal for a visit in all seasons in a year. The summers and winters are very popular among the tourists. During summers, the weather gets most pleasant and salubrious, the whole surrounding is transparent, giving the distinctive views of the Himalayas and the cool hilly breeze simply steals the show. On the other hand, winters here are quite interesting. It’s quite chilly, with the entire region getting capped by thick layers of snow. Make sure that you bring along heavy woolen cloths. Playing in the snow, and relishing barbecues and bonfires are the popular winter activities here. The tranquillity and seclusion are simply at their best during winters.chakrata tour

A former summer resort of the British, the town is one ideal place to rejuvenate and spend some time in the tranquillity while being surrounded by the nature’s riches. A couple of places that are must visit in the town include: Kanasar, Hanol, Devban, Tiger Fall, Moigad Fall, and Mundoli. All of these places are at some distance from the center of the town. The good thing is a couple of them can be accessed via excellent trekking routes.

For a brief trip of the town, the budget hotels in Chakrata are the ideal accommodation options. There are not too many hotels in the town, and most of them belong to the cheap or budget category, making one’s trip of the town a memorable experience without being heavy on the wallets of the travelers.
Hotel Snow View Chakrata is a one fine stay-over option in the town. It is a popular hotel and offers a content stay to the guests. The good thing is it is reasonably priced and features a good array of elementary amenities. The staffs are courteous and good at catering the needs of the guests. What’s more, the rooms are spacious and are comfortable.


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