Digha – The unexplored beach resort town in the state of West Bengal

PNR status and book your ticket in advance. digha travel Digha will make you want to come back for more. The serenity of the town and the ambience surrounding it is almost divine. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon and certainly one of the most underrated places in India, but people who keep visiting this place will want to have it that way as once the Government starts commercialising the place, the place will get crowded and packed with tourists and travelers from all around. The best time to visit Digha is between the months September to March. It is during this time that the water activities like diving, swimming, sailing and surfing happen in full swing. Book your hotels in advance as the regulars coming to the place might fill up the little hotels in this resort town. July and August are best avoided as it is the monsoon season and a trip to Digha during this time is not highly recommended. The best way to begin your day in Digha is to catch the glimpse of the beautiful orange sunlight by the horizon. Start off with a nice fresh and refreshing breakfast in your hotel or resort and you can head on straight to the beach to take part in watersports or simply lie down flat for a nice sunbathing session. The sun kissed beach does not only have a beautiful view of the sea and ample activities in its beach and shores, it also serves really good food! Food is usually of Bengali cuisine and mainly fish. You can try some fancy restaurants along the beach which are worth every ounce of money you spend, or simply go for a more modest eatery choice. Freshly cooked Rohu, Pomfret, Tiger Prawns, and Parshe are some of the common fresh fishes found abundantly cooked in beautiful Bengali spices and style. You will also find a couple of other restaurants with a mini bar and serving some alcohol with really good food.   The main tourist attraction to Digha other than its beaches is its main tourist hub area called New Digha. It is here you will find one of the largest aquariums in Asia and a proper science center. Apart from that, you can also go for sightseeing exploring its ancient temples, beaches with beautiful backwoods of casuarina trees, and the fishing harbour project. There is also a snake farm found just near the Amravati Lake.   Digha will be unlike any other mainstream beach destinations in India and will be one of your favorite destinations. The beautiful beach resort town has a reputation created by past visitors to live up to, and live it does!]]>

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