Mount Abu, a Beautiful and Quaint Hill Station in Rajasthan

Mount Abu is one of the most run-after holiday destinations in India. It is a popular hill station that is hotter-favorite of travelers living in central and western India. Situated on top of a verdant hill the hill town is an excellent escapade from the noises and chaos of typical city life. Head to the city to explore it and for accommodations, choose from the best 3 Star hotels in Mount Abu.

Mount Abu, the most nature-blessed part of the state of Rajasthan, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in central and western India. It is a beautiful town that is primarily associated with tourism, religion, and royal history of India. Mount Abu, due to its advantage of being the only hill station in the encompassing state serves as the summer escapade for the locals as well as tourists from the neighboring cities and regions. During the peak summer time when the flaming blaze and the red-hot sun quite much heat everything, the town of Mount Abu remains lovely and pleasant. However, Denizens consider that the town is most beautiful during rains and post-monsoon season. The location of the town is about 1220 meters above the sea level and the weather here is pleasant almost across a year.

Today, the town falls under the Sihori district and is a major part of the state, as the Mount Abu’s tourism makes major contributions in the state’s revenue. The town is about 58 km from Palanpur, and the nearest railhead is located at Abu Road, about 28 km away. Besides, Udaipur houses the closest airport to Mount Abu, and there are taxis and cabs available from outside the terminal, which ply to Mount Abu.

The history of Mount Abu is rather interesting. The town was once called Arbudaanchal and historians believe that the city originally belonged to Gujjars. During the initial medieval era the Gujjars moved and settled in Abu mountain and in parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. There are evidences of the fact in the forms of scriptures and epigraphs that are found in the region. Religion and ancient traditions are of utmost importance in the city and in the lives of the Denizens. The fact is pretty much visible from the fact that there are several revered temples dispersed in the city; the city is home to the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris sect, and Mount Abu is the host of World Spiritual University.

Tourism is the prime reason for one to head to the city. It is a beautiful city; beautiful enough to get one mesmerized on first glance. The best way to get around and explore the town is on a two-wheeler, and there are many 3 Star hotels in Mount Abu that offer two-wheeler to its guests. Besides, there are spots that are best explored on foot. For souvenirs the silver jewelry makes one popular and recommended choice. Other than that, the food in the city is nothing extraordinary. Still the culinary cuisines do worth tasting. Besides, people also eat ice cream particularly in the chilly evenings of winters. The activity is pretty popular amongst the tourist and locals.

The major places to visit in Mount Abu include: Dilwara Temple (ancient temples that are the most significant Jain temples), Wildlife Sanctuary, Gaumukh temple, Adhar Devi Temple, Guru Shikhar Peak, Toad Rock, Trevors Tank, Brahma Kumaris Museum, Peace Park, and Nakki Lake etc.
Simply put, Mount Abu being the only hill station in the state and also a popular tourist destination is a major part of Rajasthan. It is a lovely city to head to. Visit the city to best enjoy the vacation. Meanwhile, one may also choose one from several Mount Abu packages to best enjoy the tour. There is plenty of them available.

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