Visit and explore the top churches in and around Goa

If you are a Catholic Christian looks to get some first hand experience of how the Vatican looks like, head to Goa. Although not as impressive as the chapels in the Vatican, the chapels in Goa are grand enough and as good as you can get. Be sure to be a part of the masses held by the archbishops and bishops in these chapels and churches. Goa, the home to the most beautiful beaches and the craziest nightlife in India is also home to some of the most important landmarks for the catholic Christians all over the world. The religion of the people of Goa was greatly influenced by the Portuguese during their rule of the state and today we see a huge catholic Christian population in India from Goa. To witness the difference of the cultures and practices of two different religions, visit Hyderabad, and Goa one after the other. After thoroughly exploring the old temples and sites in Hyderabad, hop on one of the Hyderabad to Goa flights and you will receive a culture shock. Mentioned below are some of the top churches and chapels you should definitely check out in Goa. goa Bom Jesus Basilica Bom Jesus Basilica Aside from its interesting elaborate engineering, this Basilica is critical to the Goans since it holds the mortal stays of one of the benefactor Saints of Goa – St. Francis Xavier. It is the place where the saint’s body is put on display for everyone to see on a silver casket. It is regarded one of the holiest places for catholics all over the world and the site still draws a huge number of crowd every year. An aura of supernatural surrounds the place making the place one of the most important religious places on the planet. goa church Se Cathedral Se Cathedral is one of the biggest Churches in Asia and is committed to St. Catherine. Built to celebrate the triumph of the Portuguese over the Muslim leaders of Goa, it took just about 80 years to construct. Legend has it that the Golden chime of this Cathedral could be heard all over Goa. One of the ringer towers was obliterated amid a helping storm leaving the Church with a one of a kind deviated structure. Try not to judge a book by its spread as this Church contains 14 modifies within, with each being more complicatedly cut than the following. goa Church of St Francis of Assisi Church of St Francis of Assisi Worked at the back of the Se Cathedral, this Church has extensive shoes to fill. Venturing into this Church takes you back in time and delightful painted boards delineating the life of St. Francis of Assisi embellish the dividers. Amongst one of the most visited churches in Goa, the theological school connecting this Church has been changed over into a tranquil craftsmanship historical center that houses the majority of the canvas prior put at the Panaji Secretariat. Chapel of St Anthony Chapel of St Anthony In Old Goa, this house of prayer, on a small hill close to the congregation of Our Lady of Rosary, is committed to the benefactor holy person of Portugal. It was the imperial church. The statue of St Anthony was given the rank of commander of the armed force, with a compensation because of his rank. This statue was even taken in serious parade to the State Treasury Office where the treasurer would deferentially store, in the hands of the statue, the pay because of him.]]>

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