Planning a Trip to Greenland for Musk Ox Hunting – What You Need to Know

incredible amount of wildlife, and that true sense of being out in the wilderness with nothing and no-one around.   Image Source: Royalty Free Photo In order to ensure your musk ox hunting trip to Greenland is a success, here are some tips and information that you can use.

Travel with a Professional Outfitter

Image source:$_20.JPG Because you only have a set amount of time on your trip and you clearly want to make the best of your time, it’s a good idea to looking into a professional outfitter that offers musk ox hunting experiences. By booking with an outfitter, you will be able to take advantage of their knowledge and experience in the area. They will know all the prime locations to visit, how to get your license, what gear you’ll need, and most likely the transportation to and from the hunting location.

Hunting During the Winter Season


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If you’re looking for a really special and memorable experience, then you may want to plan your trip for the winter season. You can travel to Kangerlussuaq, which is in West Greenland and is known for being the most concentrated hunting area in the country. You can find excellent hunting opportunities just outside the gates of the airport since you are immediately surrounded by wide-open nature. This area is prime territory for musk ox hunting, as musk ox love the arctic tundra region located near the Ice Cap. They tend to gather in very large herds, making them relatively easy to track and spot.

Be Prepared for a Challenge

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Even though there is plenty of musk ox for hunting in Greenland, it’s still a very challenging and physically demanding adventure. There’s a good chance you will be doing a lot of walking and hiking through forests, hills, and over uneven terrain, so you want to be dressed in the proper clothing and footwear. The adventure tends to be quite the cardio experience. It’s not unusual to need to walk 1-5kms per day, and keep in mind you also need to be able to carry your trophy that distance. Many of the guided tours also include camping out in the wilderness along the way, which again pushes you to your limits.

Respect their Strength

The final tip to offer is that hunters need to be well aware of the type of animal they are hunting. A musk ox is a very large and powerful animal. Their horns can be lethal if you aren’t careful. What this means is that you need to stay out of their way and treat them with respect, always being aware of how powerful they are. Each of these tips will help you to arrange a musk ox adventure in Greenland that you remember for a lifetime.]]>

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