Travelling in style and amidst all the luxuries in an Indian luxury train

A travel to India is just incomplete if one hasn’t yet traveled in an Indian train. It is a unique experience and lets one to understand the country and its people a little bit more. There is a large fleet of regular as well as exclusive trains, making India train travel an experience of a lifetime. Check the destinations falling on the route of Palaces on Wheels, Jan Nayak Express 15212 running status, etc. online and book the tickets now.   The idea of a luxury train in Indian Railways has added a fine gem to the crown of India tourism. These luxury trains are often looked up with great enthusiasm, with people often times neglecting their other tasks, primarily because of the unique notion of seamlessly mixing regality and history with tourism in trains, residing in India train tourism. This thought came out of the ancient heritage of India, and attracts backpackers from across the globe. It is a known fact that India was famous as the land of several mighty kings and rulers in the heydays. Each kingdom in the bygone era had its own interpretations of royalty and hospitality. The everlasting impressions left by the rulers are carved permanently on the Indian mainland in the form of lavish palaces, fortresses, and other significant structures. However, until recently exploring the diversified and highly scattered royal past of the country was a challenging task. During that time, it was the historical books and lavish palaces that only testimonies that extremely rich rulers did existed in the country who put lavishness in priority over everything else. Even in cases when one is travelling in a regular train, it is very likely that one is given some experiences that will remain in the memories for a long time. Jan Nayak Express 15212 is an example of such. Check 15212 running status online and decide if you want to embark the journey; chances are you will want to.   ixigo train pnr When Indian Railways introduced the first ever luxury train, known by the name, Palace on Wheels, it made the rich Indian heritage and legacy open to all. The entire world got to see the glitz, glamour and the world famous flamboyance of the Indian kings and rulers. Making use of the customized saloons from the medieval era, the train gave the travelers an unmatched taste of the good old days. Following that, this train today stands as one of the most loved attractions. palace on wheel Palace on Wheels was hugely successful and the fact inspired different other Indian states to render/paint their glory of history and heritage with the help of similar luxury trains. It was soon after that Deccan Odyssey train was introduced making it the second luxury train that ran through Maharashtra – the land of Marathas. Different luxury train tour exhibited the state’s royal heritage which to some extent was hidden from the rest of the country. The train not just runs in Maharashtra but also in Goa and covers destinations like Ajanta and Ellora Caves. roayal rajasthan on wheel Another such train soon came into prominence. It is called Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and is a modern day version of Palace on Wheels. Needless to say the train is one of the most popular endeavors put forward by Indian Railways. The route of the train is quite similar to that of Palace on Wheels. and covers different heritage sites in Rajasthan along with the addition of crisscrossing through the heavenly sites in Agra, Varanasi and Khajuraho. indian railway The exclusive luxury trains gave the backpackers across the globe the opportunity to explore and realize how the Indian kings and rulers lived the life full of imperial grandeur and luxuries.  The trains gave them the rewarding chance to explore India  along with enjoying the luxuries of Maharajas.]]>

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