Top 5 Best Destinations for Adventure in India

There resides in many of our hearts a thirst for adventure which merely watching action-centric Hollywood films alone do not quench. We want to hear the wind’s song against our hair and let our hearts drum their music as we try something that lets us move beyond our fears. We want to taste fear, and not stop there. We want to move into horizons which have previously been unbeknownst to us, which promises us novelty, which feeds our fearless spirit and truly lets us fully experience the whole spectrum of human life. If you are one amongst us, you would love to explore the following destinations in India that promise wide vistas of adventure.

1. Manali

Rohtang Pass, ManaliSo popular has Manali become in recent years that it is the first name that comes to our mind when one thinks of an ideal getaway into Himalayas. The backdrop of majestic Himalayas, the mesmerizing flow of Beas River, the verdant vegetation, and the myriad promises of adventure- Manali reeks of magic in all its directions. Manali is thus sought by people for many reasons, as their ideal honeymoon destination, as a beautiful haven for nature lovers, as the best adventure destination, as the ideal respite of tranquility from the hullabaloo of day-to day life. Be it rafting, paragliding, trekking, camping skiing, river rafting, rock climbing or kayaking, Manali offers almost all the adventurous activities that one can think of. Also, the hill station serves as an ideal basecamp for many motor bike rides and trekking expeditions into Himalayas.   How to reach: Manali is well connected by road with all major cities like Chandigarh, Delhi and Srinagar. Also, Bhuntar airport located about 52 km away is the nearest airport.

2. Mussoorie

MussoorieIndia’s favorite holiday destination of Mussoorie is nicknamed as the ‘Queen of Hill stations’ and rightly so. The picturesque views of Doon valley and the surrounding snow-capped peaks that one is gifted when the veils of mist part in this beautiful town is beyond comparison. The city still has many remnants of architecture from British era reminding visitors of its establishment by the British in 1823. Mussoorie not just offers much needed respite from the heat of northern plains but is also an ideal destination for adventure lovers. Mussoorie falls en route Gangotri and Yamunotri yatra, and many pilgrims breathe in its tranquil air before trailing ahead to the holy destinations. In fact Mussoorie is frequently referred to as Gateway to Gangotri and Yamunotri shrines! If you happen to be in this beautiful hill station, you ought to try some of the adventure activities it offers as well. Does the idea of walking 120 feet above ground for length of 360 feet with hands free, of course with a supporting wire excite you? Then you ought to try Mussoorie’s newly introduced sky walk! For those who want indulge in more of their daredevil spirit, the town offers avenues for rock climbing, rappelling, caving, paragliding etc. In fact, Mussoorie is perhaps the best paragliding destination in India. An adventure lover cannot afford to not try their hand at skating while at Mussoorie. Mussoorie boasts of India’s biggest roller skating rink. One cannot talk about adventure without mentioning the many adventure activities rivers enable us. Rafting can also be enjoyed to your heart’s content in the swift waters of Alaknanda, Kali and Dhauliganga. So can one enjoy boating and fishing in the fresh waters of Yamuna and Aglar rivers provided one has the requisite permits from Forest department. How to reach: The city is easily accessible by road from Delhi and other important cities in North India. Dehradun is the nearest railway station. Taxis and buses ply along the route at regular intervals.

3. Spiti

Spiti valleyThe breathtakingly beautiful ‘middle’ land between India and Tibet is still untouched by the cacophony of modern culture. Spiti valley appears to an outsider as a world within a world. No wonder it is an ideal adventure destination for camping, trekking, bike rides, yak safaris, mountain climbing, white water rafting, cycling etc. The land with a few small villages and Buddhist monasteries is a true heaven for someone who seeks solitude and respite in the unadulterated Himalayan ranges. So if your spirit soars at the idea of exploring a largely unexplored terrain and discovering its iridescent joys, Spiti is what you were longing for.

4. Auli

AuliSkiing in India has become synonymous with Auli. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited (GMVNL) offers skiing courses. Auli’s ski lift of 500 metre and slope of length 3 kilometer attracts novices as well as expert skiers. The pristinely clean environment, unadulterated mountainous beauty, sky-high peaks and beautiful slopes makes Auli a true paradise for adventure lovers. Also, a lot of trekking expeditions like those Gorson Bugyal, Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla peak start from Auli. In short, a lot of fellow travelers you find in Auli would also be adventure enthusiasts just like you!

5. Leh

LehThere are as many avenues for adventure in Leh as one would wish for! Ever since opening of Ladakh to tourists since 1974, Leh being the entry point to the same has attracted tourists for its pristine landscape, mighty mountain ranges, alpine deserts, Buddhist monasteries etc. World’s highest motorable road Khardung La is located in Leh. Some of the famous treks one gets to undertake in Leh are Markha valley trek, Sham Trek, Gompa trek, Spituk-Stok Trek, Padum-Darcha Trek and Zanskar Chadar Trek. Amongst these, Zanskar Chadar trek deserves special mention. There really is no limit to the wonders of nature! Which adventurous heart wouldn’t crave to trek on a frozen river? What if we told you that this is exactly what Chadar trek offers? Due to the freezing and the subsequent enveloping of water surface by a blanket of snow, Zanskar River prepares ground for the perfect trekking on frozen river experience! The mesmerizing Himalayan scenery, old monasteries, frozen waterfalls all of this makes the entire valley such a true paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts!]]>

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