Top 5 Beaches in Thailand

Thailand, a country that receives a large number of tourists each year for various reasons among which one of them are due to its exotic beaches. Among some of the best Thailand places to visit, its islands dotted with exquisite beaches stand out. Each beach possesses its distinctive character and the only thread of similarity is the pristine beauty of these gorgeous sandy shores. Undoubtedly Thailand is a haven for those who simply love a beach holiday, as it boast some of the best beaches in the world. Hence, it is not surprising that numerous movies have been shot at some of its most remote and pristine islands and beaches. Thailand travel guide offers a glimpse into the various exotic beaches of this magnificent country:

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Koh Phi Phi beachkoh phi phi beach

Situated a few hours drive from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful beaches that ranks high among the various Thailand places to visit. Surrounded by golden sands, crystal blue water and shimmering natural beauty, it has a number of picturesque sights that one cannot miss. It can still be called a virgin island, as it is not yet commercialized like other beach resorts. If you like beauty and relaxation, this beach can be the best far from the maddening crowds.

Railay Beachrailay beach

Railay beach is famous for its small neck of land. The cape has a beautiful resort and spa where you can pamper and treat yourself. The place is free of any kind of pollution, cars, motorbikes and vehicles. Railay beach is linked to the mainland. Surrounded by a line of beautiful mountain ranges, this is a great place for rock climbers on the limestone cliffs. Among the various Thailand places to visit, adventure lovers will definitely love this beach.

Hua Hin Beachhua hin beach

This beautiful beach is located just few miles away from Bangkok. Accessible by any kind of transport like bus, train and cars, it is one of the most popular and crowded beaches of the country where ample number of tourists visit. It also had numerous accommodations as well as activities like horse riding, hiking, scuba diving, and many more. It is close to one of the most famous national parks Sam Roi Yot where you can spend your time. This is the oldest beach resort of Thailand.

Sairee Beachsairee beach

If you have an affinity for diving, then you must visit the Sairee Beach at Koh Tao, which is packed with the most panoramic views of the islands nearby.

This white soft sand beach is truly beautiful from where one can relax or dive in to discover the magnificent underwater world. Among the various Thailand places to visit, this beach is not only extraordinarily beautiful but is also a quiet and a calm beach.

Patong Beach and Karon beachpatong beach

The Patong beach is widely visited by tourists. It is one of the largest beaches in Thailand. Apart from that the Karon beach is also one of the widest beaches. Even if the beach is overcrowded it has ample space to accommodate all because of its size. This is one of the best beaches and is mentioned in each and every Thailand travel guide as well.

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