Top 10 Romantic Destinations in USA

Couple would think, “Is there a great romantic destination in USA?” You would be surprised USA offers some of the most romantic destinations in the world. In addition, they are available in variety different weather, landscape, culture, food, and many more

To give you some idea of its variety, here is the top 10 romantic destinations in USA.

Maui maui hawaii

Though outside the mainland, it is still an important part of states, offering an exotic set up that includes beaches, luxury resorts and jungles. In this Aloha state, couple could experience snorkeling with five turtles or spend some quality time along the scenic coastline.

Kauai kauai beach

Kauai seduces with its sunsets, sand beaches, and sea. It is perfect for those couples who prefer seclusion than hustle of a tourist spot. It has great hiking trails to explore the beauty of the nature. However, its natural beauty could be heavy on your pocket.

US Virgin Islands us vergin island

Enjoy the American Caribbean paradise with your partner, eat creole dishes, and take tour of colonial times. There are three islands for you to spend a romantic vacation, but mind the tanning from hot sun. St. John in US Virgin Islands is considered as the destination for honeymooners.

Key West key west florida

Who doesn’t mind going to Key West, with plenty of beaches and possibly has most lively crowd in the world. Key West offers exciting sea adventures, and parties. Touring Earnest Hemingway’s old house is most popular among the visitors. Couple must try it to get some romantic poetry in life.

Savannah savannah tour

As couple if you like historic places, then Savannah is right for you This southern city has personality of its own, moss hanging over sidewalks, creepy but old historic homes throughout the city, and riverfront with plenty of places for dinning and partying. Few nearby islands offer some good beaches for getaway.


Romance is not bound by any weather, but if does, winter would be lovers first choice. Why wait for winter, when there is place like Aspen, a perfect gateway for lovers who does not miss a chance to cuddle. Spend day skiing, touring nature’s beauty, and night in your honeymoons sweets.

Napa Valley

A drink that stands for romance is wine. Napa Valley is the place for wine lover. Place is rolling with vineyards and wine caverns. Spend a romantic day at wineries and experience the wine making process of plucking and squashing grapes.


Every lover’s dream is to get stranded on a remote island with his or her partner. Lanai offers you the exact experience. Remoteness makes you feel that you two are alone. However, you can enjoy the luxurious hotels with remote landscape of the island.

San Francisco San Francisco

Many prefer an urban setting for their romantic getaway and San Francisco tops the table. Bustling metropolis has lot to offer with its culture, history, and nightlife.


Nothing is more romantic than kissing your love on the top of a red rock and scenic landscape in background. Sedona has some great hiking trails that run through sandstone buttes.

These are only ten but USA has lot more variety of romantic destinations. Apply for ESTA to experience the romance with great romantic settings in USA.

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