The Power Punch of Delhi: Interesting Facts about Delhi Metro

The lives of individuals living in Delhi has changed totally since the initiation of Delhi metro. Who would’ve have pondered, that a day would come in Delhi, where going from Saket to Model Town won’t be a considerable errand any longer? Delhi metro hasn’t recently given another lease of life, but has also made existences of Delhiites more productive and a lot more comfortable. delhi metro travel So if you are all set to shift to Delhi from Haridwar, then of course, the first thing you must check for is the Haridwar to Delhi train list, book a train, and as and when you set foot in Delhi, another train welcomes you. Yes, we are talking about the silver wonder of Delhi, the Delhi Metro. Even though you must have heard about it a zillion times, a ride in Delhi Metro surely is an experience in itself. Keeping the same in mind, here are some astonishing facts about this wonder rail that are surely going to blow your mind off. delhi metro trip Cleanliness is the Priority There are no dustbins inside the metro stations, but only around a few shops and restaurants. Despite this dearth, the metro stations are immaculate, and well kept. Walk in at any metro station, at any point of time, and you’ll actually be astonished to see the cleanliness that they maintain 24/7. Reloading Power You call them power cuts, but DMRC calls them power shifts! The transitory force slips where lights and AC go off at specific stations are really ‘power shifts’. These assigned sub-stations a.k.a. neutral zones supply energy to the metro, since it cannot get the required 25000 volts from a single station. Sari Saver The escalators at all the Delhi metro stations have a novel ‘sari guard’ feature that diverts garments like saris of women from getting caught in the same. Deepest Point The deepest point of the Delhi Metro lies 45 meters down, right underneath the Rajiv Chowk station. It is the airport express, which conveys 500,000 travelers per day. This is something profoundly astonishing! Nothing Odd Ever seen a metro with 5 or 7 coaches? No possibility of that. This is on because the DMRC rails have 2 sorts of coaches, to be specific– the ‘driver coach’ and the ‘motor coach’. They serve as one unit and can’t be utilized independently. Thus, Delhi metros have either 6 or 8 coaches, and might continue to do so. The Voices Every daily commuter of the Delhi Metro must be well acquainted with these voices. The female voice is of Rinni Simon Khanna, and the male voice is of Shammi Narang. Thanks to both these amazing people. Disabled friendly Apart from scrubbing your shoes clean on them, these wide yellow strips running on the Delhi Metro stages fill a superior need. These yellow material strips are the pathways for the visually impaired, driving them specifically to the lifts and to the ways out. The list of Delhi’s marvels is now no longer limited to the old monuments and minarets. Delhi Metro is another boast worthy thing in the city.]]>

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