The golden city of Jaisalmer at a glance!

Jaisalmer is without doubt an absolute tourist destination. It is a gala of adventure, learning, fun, and joy, that gives one the best holidaying experience. Simply head to this beautiful city and choose one from the best hotels in Jaisalmer as your accommodation.

If exploring-understanding the royal grandeur, the way the royals used to live, their lifestyle, and their history is the area that interests you, then on your next holiday you might like to take a trip to to jaisalmer

Located in the western frontier of the nation, in the state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is an absolute utopia for the history buffs, and people who have an interest in Indian culture, art, and kingly palaces, forts, and other complexes. Being well-connected to rest of the states and cities in the nation, arriving at the city is a simple affair. There is a high frequency of Delhi to Jaisalmer flights. The nearest commercial airport is about 300 km away at Jodhpur. This airport is served by all major air carriers.

Popularly known as the “Golden City”, the city is primarily dominated by the Jaisalmer Fort, which is also known as Golden Fort. It extends to a large area, and unlike most of the forts in other parts of the nation, the Jaisalmer Fort is very much alive. Alive in the sense that life still flourishes in the fort. People still live and work within the walls of the fort. There exists several shops, havelis, and hotels within the fort area. Stroll around the fort and check out the interesting layout and beautiful architecture of the fort. Every evening, while the sun sets down, the walls of the fort get colored by the shades of setting sun, which is complemented by the golden hue of the desert, giving the fort an entirely different look. This environment is magnificent enough to get one captivated.jaisalmer fort

Another popular tourist spot in Jaisalmer are the Jain temples. There are seven beautiful ancient temples inside the fort. They were built between 12th-15th century, and are among the most revered temples in the nation. It is compulsory to take off the shoe before entering the temples. In addition, Havelis are yet other most-popular tourist sites in the city. Patwon-ki-Haveli is one prominent haveli in the city, simply attracting the visitors. It is just 10 minutes walk from the gates of the fort and is a fine piece of architecture. It consists of 5 houses that are built for the sons of a wealthy merchant. Today, one of these has been transformed into a museum, offering an insight at the lifestyle and the prosperity of its past owner and also of the city.jaisalmer tour

Other than these, there is a beautiful rain water lake known as Gadisar lake. The lake is an absolute visual delight and perfect spot to take pictures. There also lies multiple temples and tombs at the surrounding of the lake. Worshipping is the prime reason for people to visit these temples. Besides, they are also pretty popular as sightseeing spots. Apart from these a couple of places that one shouldn’t miss at any cost include: the renovated streets and houses inside the fort, Suryagarh, Kuldhara Village, Bada Bagh, Tazia Tower, Vyas Chhatri, Silk Route Art Gallery, Thar Heritage Museum, and Desert Cultural Museum.

In addition to the places to visit in Jaisalmer, being in the city is also a rewarding to relish the genuine hospitality of the city. There are some excellent hotels in Jaisalmer, letting one experience the a royal lavish hospitality. Many of these hotels are actually havelis, transformed into modern hotels without affecting their age-old essence.
To put everything together, a trip to this magnificent city is an extravaganza of fun, joy, adventure, and more. Simply head to this beautiful ancient yet modern city and best enjoy your holiday.

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