Robber’s Cave: an inseparable, popular point of interest in Dehradun

If you are in Dehradun, you have got to visit the Robber’s Cave. Also popular as Guchhipani which is what the locals refer the cave as, the place is one of the most popular attractions of the city. Majorly, the place attracts people (including tourists as well as locals) as being a perfect picnic destination. However, the place is equally cool for sightseeing and getting spell-bound by the beauty of the nature. The Dehradun Bus stand is about 8 km from the tourist spot. There are numerous taxis available from the bus stand that will take one of the tourist spot. If one is travelling solo, then it is best that he boards in the combined taxis. Other than that, there are bus services available till the Anarwala Village. The village is quite close to Robber’s Cave and trekking is the popular medium to reach the tourist spot from here. Meanwhile, trekking is quite fun, and will help one to relish a tour of the city in a way which is better and relaxing at the same time. The trek is ideally quiet, and the nature blossoms at its best in the region.Robber's Cave dehradun

The unexploited beauty of Robber’s Cave is simply a charm hard to resist. The place is a natural river cave with water streaming down and simply disappearing. The cave is divided into two parts and the water flows inside the cave. For the enthusiasts of geography the place is a must visit. There is a gorge that is formed in a composite limestone area, and is highly restricted. The length of the entire cave is about 600 meters, and the highest waterfall in the cave is of about 10 meters. This waterfall is a popular site for sightseeing and tourists often take pictures with the waterfall behind them. The water simply drops out of sight inside the cave, as it goes underground. However, if one moves a few meters away, he can see the water again. The place is tranquil,but the tranquillity breaks from time to time owing to the hordes of tourists. Still, it is a most popular place for seeking solitude and peace.

The cave is now maintained by the state government. Today, it is popular for trekking in addition to picnics. There are certain good Dehradun hotels in the vicinity to the cave. Meanwhile, without doubt, a trip to Dehradun is a nice experience, and there are several other equally good attractions in addition to the Robber’s Cave that are dispersed throughout the city. The Kalinga War Memorial, The Char Siddhs, Tapovan, Tiger View Jungle Camp, Sahastradhara, and RIMC being some of the most popular ones.dehradun tour

An important advice to travelers heading to Dehradun: On your trip, don’t leave the city without buying a packet of the local sweet, called quality stickjaws. These are must try, and in a way, a specialty of the city. The Kwality Restaurant first started preparing and selling these. These stickjaws are nothing but a combination of milkmaid, sugar essence, and glucose. Today, these stickjaws can be bought from every food shop. Although, these are the favorites among the children, but even the adults are going to find it in dehradun
A tip to the travelers who are visiting the city in winters: it is quite cold here during winters, so make sure that you pack woolen garments in your overnighter. Setup your trip accordingly and head of city for a fun vacation. Additionally, those seeking luxury, the good news is that there are several luxury hotels in Dehradun offering all the amenities and services that one expects from a big budget hotel.


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