Places that You shouldn’t Visit with Your Parents

If we think about the first vacation of our life, we reach to the conclusion that we enjoyed with our parents. It is not necessary that all of us have visited a popular tourist destination on vacations. There is possibility that we just took a casual break at our relatives and ended up with some beautiful memories. Now the time has changed. On our vacations, kids want to explore a tourist place and parents are fulfilling their desires. If you are a grown up and earning well, then it is your turn to take your parents on a vacation. The Internet is loaded with the information of where to take parents on holidays. But this article is going to tell you that where you absolutely can’t take your parents for vacations. This world is a weird place and one needs to be extra careful while traveling with family. Explore the list of some sin cities that are too risky to travel with parents.

1. ‘Walking Street’, Pattaya

  This part of Thailand is so much offended that people coming towards this place hold the reputation of being ruined. Although your parents only wish to take a walk on this street, but ladies wandering in insufficient clothes might be a nightmare for your parents and you both. This is a red light area, but also known for its sparkling night life. It is said this place has more number of sex workers than any other part of the earth.

2. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

  Rio de Janerio is popularly known as the carnival capital of the world and is the sexiest city on the planet. The hot beaches are crowded with hot perspiring bodies intermingling with each other and creating a certain amount of sensuality in the atmosphere. Although your parents may love the vibrant spirit of the city and enthusiastic people but street parties might go indigestible for them and you will get into a false position. In any case, ladies dressed in nothing but only jewelries are not going to be approved by Indian moms.

3. Las Vegas, USA

    Las Vegas is the land of the most elegant casinos and exotic vibrant nightlife. It is said that what happens in Vegas does not forever remains here. It is known for the quick weddings and broken nights and promises you to be a place that turns your world upside down. This original sin city should definitely be avoided on visiting with your parents. The wild stories of Casinos in Vegas are enough to ruin your reputation in the family. So, please avoid.

4. Montreal, Canada

    Montreal is home to a number of microbreweries, exciting jazz bars, fascinating nightclubs, glamorous rooftop terraces. The legal drinking age in this city is 18, which makes it quite obvious that why nightlife of Montreal is so popular. In this city, night buses run between 1 am and 5 am to drop the party animals at their respective destinations. This perfectly crazy vacation spot is going to prove a dreadful experience on visiting with parents.

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

    Popularly recognized in the world for its trendy nightlife and passionate scenes, Tel Aviv is a lively city that never sleeps. It offers outstanding beachfront parties, unusual wavering hot-spots, well-known gay party scenes and yearly water war. This glamorous metropolis offers some of the most beautiful DJ parties that one is surely going to love. The dance floor becomes a platform to burn out the calories and enjoy the high level of spirit. However, do you think it is a good idea to take your parents there?

6. San Pedra Sula, Honduras

    Honduras is undoubtedly a nice destination if you want to take your parents to any offbeat place. It features some great natural wonders, but the return gift that it gives to its visitors is – Malaria. This disease is out of control here, along with some others infections. The place is also risky to visit due to the high rates of murders taking place in this city. It is a terrible idea to put the life of parents in danger by going there.

7. Malana, India

  Located at a height of 9500 feet above the sea level, Malana is a small village surrounded with lush greenery and sparkling snow capped mountains of Parvathi valley. The place is famous for its strict taboos, no so friendly locals and Malana Cream – a twist of Cannabis hashish. People can be found here smoking hashish and boozing all the night until the sun rises. Outsiders coming here are not allowed to visit the temples or physically touch any of the persons here. That way, your parents will be definitely upset on visiting such destinations.  

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  [caption id="attachment_10569" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Credit:[/caption] Amsterdam is a paradise for youngsters seeking enthusiasm, fervor and gusto on their vacations. It is known for musical festivals and high-life that end up ensuring you a terrific vacation. But if you are planning to visit this youth paradise with your parents, then it is a terrible idea. The situation may be worse and you can face some hassles in traveling. Along with entertainment and drugs, Amsterdam has many mysteries that can make you embarrassed in front of your parents upon unfolding. It is true that you can’t visit these destinations with your parents. However, there are some of the above places that you can definitely visit with your friends or alone. These terrific places are going to fill you with unmatched energy. ]]>

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