Get the glimpses of the Musandam Peninsula

Musandam is the northern exclave of Oman, divided from the relax of the nation by the UAE.  Khasab, is the capital of the Musandam Peninsula.  The city looks over the Arabian Beach.  Khasab is house to around 18,000 individuals. The place was working as a port during the early Colonial period of the seventeenth century. I was grabbed for my trip, from Sharjah, to an exclusive place Musandam Khasab.  The generate was only 160 km (100 miles) but it took about  two and a half hours.  There was a bit of visitors on the roads but the greatest crowd as seen at the boundary.  My United States ticket certified me to get an Omani visa on appearance,  but it took over 40 minutes crossing the boundary each way.

My dhow journeyMusandam Peninsula

Today was an amazing day for me. About 20 of us were taken out on a six hour vacation on an Omani dhow.  We invested the day visiting down the fjords.  We were handled to some excellent meals and lets us to experience swimming, snorkeling  and scuba diving. We were told on the Omani dhow that due to the fjords, Musandam Khasab is known as the “Norway of Arabia”.

Nadifi village visitMusandam Peninsula tourist attraction

Nadifi is a city of around 150 individuals.  You can’t achieve it by road.  Almost everyone is an angler and the only access to the village is by vessel.  Children take a vessel to university every Monday and go back house on Wed to invest their weekends with family.  Friday is Islam’s sacred day so the weekend is Friday and the day of national holiday.

Telegraph Island visitmusandam peninsula tour

Telegraph Island got its name because in 1864 that’s where the English designed a telegraph station.  To be able to have a communicative relationship between England and India, an underground wire was set from India to Basra in Iraq.  The telegraph Island only operated for a few months.

Dolphin viewing


One of the features of the day was a dolphin viewing.  I have not done that since I was a kid in Florida.  It was a wonderful day and an awesome beauty of Musandam Khasab made me realized that how beautiful this land is but unfortunately very few know about it. I took several pictures of the playing dolphins for my kids with the hope that they will like it.

How to get the place?


For some traditional purpose, Oman is territorially divided up in three places.  Musandam, which is where we went, is on the tip of the Arabian peninsula, right above UAE. And then there is a small area from the sultanate, right in UAE.  The generate from Dubai to Amazing Musandam Dibba required our two and half hour drive on the smooth desert of the UAE. The boundary crossing was very easy. We did not face any such problem.  I can recommend you that you must try Musandam Dibba journey, they are not that tight with the migrants law for you and you really have a bundle of pleasure.

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