Explore art, tradition, history, spiritualism; explore Guntur

Guntur is one absolute destination for a relaxing-adventurous holiday. Simply head to the city to explore art, history, nature, traditions, and spiritualism. Also, choose one from the best hotels in Guntur for a content stay.guntur tour

Guntur, a thriving city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, certainly is a destination to head to. Known for its commercial and trading significance, the city is among the largest and most significant cities in the encompassing state. It is for this fact that the city is also referred as the “transport and textile hub of India”. It is an urbanized city and is the headquarter of the region’s municipal corporation. The city is about 40 miles to the west of Bay of Bengal and its district is surrounded by the holy river Krishna.guntur attraction

As a tourist destination, the city does stores plenty attractions to offer to every single visitor. Replete of countless tourist attractions, including natural scenic spots, modern tourism comforts, great culture, art, and tradition, and genuine hospitality, tourism in the city is an extravaganza of fun, adventure, and learning.

Home to the magnificent Amravati caves, the city is one popular tourist destination in the nation. The Amravati is one of the most prominent attraction in Guntur tourism. It is located about 16 miles from the city’s centre. The place is named after the popular temple dedicated to Amareswara Swamy, that it houses. Additionally, there also exists a 2nd Century B.C. stupa called Mahachaitya Stupa. The stupa is richly decorated with carvings depicting Gautama Buddha’s life and teachings. Besides they also consist of number of inscriptions telling about the dynasties that reigned the place. A visit to this place is must, when in the city.guntur city tour

Other than that, the historical Kondaveedu Fort is yet another popular and most recommended attraction in Guntur tourism. It is located about 17 miles from the city and gives an insight at the might and grandeur of the Reddy kings. The fort is a magnificent structure that was built in 14th Century. It consists of 21 beautiful structures simply enhancing the region’s beauty. Besides the fort, the place is also a popular trekking point. Verdant hills, virgin forests, cool breeze, and several natural wonder simply stuff the region. There are numerous pillar halls, residential, and temples dotting the place, which are great sources of knowledge and interesting attractions to the tourists. In addition to these, a couple of other must-visit monumental places in Guntur include: Kotappakonda Trikutaparvatam, Guthikonda Caves Kotappakonda, Sitanagaram, and Undavalli-caves.

While one see the city as the perfect opportunity to explore the rich heritage of the nation, some also see it as a rewarding opportunity to learn more about the city’s rich culture, traditions, art, and music. Other than that, the city also lets one to reawaken the spiritual side in one. Several temples, mosques, and churches dot the city, many of which are conceived among the most revered spiritual sites in the nation.

Being in the city also lets one to best experience the genuine hospitality of the city. The locals and the hotels in Guntur are widely popular for the warmth with which they welcome each guest, and also for their unmatched hospitality. The city serves as an excellent destination for budget holidaying. There are several hotels in the city that belong to the budget category, and provide a content-comfortable stay while you are in the city.

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