Day trip to Mashobra from Shimla: Tiptoe into a fabled paradise

Shimla is a captivating hill station in the Himachal and makes for an enchanting destination round the year. Shimla sightseeing often allows tourists to explore the nearby area of Mashobra which is recommended for a day trip. It is a short distance away from the main town and is connected by the historic Hindustan-Tibet Road. Though it has a very quiet and unassuming personality, Mashobra is very impressive when it comes to flora and fauna. It also has its share of historic and heritage buildings which now feed the hungry cameras of the photographers or the inquisitive mind of a young student.shimla_02

The Reserve Forest Sanctuary, one of the must visit places in India for a naturalist, is situated in this region. This forest is the official address of a number of birds and animals. You may not expect a tiger or a lion to assault you from behind, but the sight of bawling monkeys and the shy jackals and the barking deer will be equally exhilarating. Birds like Partridges and Himalayan Eagles dominate the skyline and a bird-lover can spend his entire life in this forest without giving a damn to what the rest of the world is up to. It is needless to say that the sanctuary is also a special lure for photographers and explorers. Activities like trekking and camping are rampant in this region. If you have kids, do make sure to drop by this place for a family picnic.shimla snow season

Mashobra is like that fabled little town we always read about in bedtime stories. So, this place has many orchards where you can simply sing and croon without caring about anything else. The attractions like Wildflower Hall and Apple Tree House are a delight which every tourist must visit. They will definitely drown you in nostalgia and give you an idea of the real meaning of Shimla.shimla121

Mashobra enjoys an altitude of 2146 m and has a fairly cool and pleasant climate. During summer months, the temperature hovers between 14 and 28 degrees while the winter day’s experience below-10 degree temperature. At times, the mercury may dip below the freezing point, especially during the month of January.

Though Mashobra is ideal for a day trip from Shimla, its charm may also compel you to stay put in this place for an overnight stay. There are decent lodges and hotels in this place. So it won’t be a bad idea. Overall, the inclusion of Mashobra in your Shimla packages can fetch you great value for your investment.

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