15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the US to Make Your Friends Jealous

list of 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the US. Some of these waterfalls allow camping and are equipped with convenience and flexible stays under the pitch-black sky. So, where do we begin?

1. Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls, NY

It’s no surprise that Niagara Falls is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the US. The Niagara does not need any introduction. This is the big daddy of all the waterfalls, counted among the World’s Big Three in terms of size, popularity, volume, power and attractions. The interesting part is – Niagara Falls splits the border between New York and Ontario. There are three main sections at the falls – Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Visitors can stand along a railing close to where the water tumbles 57 meters over the edge into the gorge. Just behind the viewing area is the Table Rock Welcome Centre with a restaurant overlooking the falls, shops, and an information and ticket booth where visitors can buy tickets to various attractions and tours. No doubt, it ranks among the famous waterfalls in the US.

2. Yosemite Falls – Yosemite, CA

Tallest, majestic, and jaw-dropping – The Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest, cliff-diving waterfalls in the world at 2,425 feet. It is listed among the most beautiful waterfalls in America. This is the main attraction and gem of Yosemite National Park. If you enjoy hiking, this waterfall is great to fan your passion. Do not to visit during summer; it dries up totally. You can explore the falls from several points, especially from Yosemite Village and Yosemite Valley Lodge.  

3. Lower Falls – Canyon Village, WY

Considered as the most popular waterfalls in the USA, the Lower Falls is the benchmark of the Yellowstone National Park. Situated towards the majestic Grand Canyon and the Yellowstone River, the Lower falls is surrounded by spectacular scenery. You can easily reach the falls with an easy drive leading you to the trail of the falls. Visitors can explore geysers, rare birds, design-cut rocks and more.  

4. Bridal Veil Falls – Yosemite, CA

There are many waterfalls at the Yosemite National Park. The 620-foot Bridal Veil Falls is yet another waterfall that needs exploration. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in America bearing the name ‘The Gates of Yosemite Valley’. If you wish to explore the magnificence of the Bridal Falls, come early to take over one of the parking spots, follow the trails to the base of the falls, and forget your cares for the entire day to be smitten by the falls.  

5. Multnomah Falls – Bridal Veil, OR

One of the most staggering natural wonders, ranked among the best waterfalls in America, the 611-foot Multnomah Falls is something to behold. It is the landmark of the celebrated Columbia River Gorge and the state of Oregon. The Multnomah Falls attract mass tourists each year. If you are looking for some budget accommodation, Portland is reachable in 45 minutes. According to an American folklore, the inception of Multnomah Falls began in order to win a young princess who wanted an isolated bath. For a closer view, just walk up to the Benson Bridge and enjoy a pefect view of the Multnomah Falls.  

6. Burney Falls – Burney, CA

Cascading from a height of 260 feet, the Burney Falls might not rub shoulders with other falls speckled throughout the continent, but it stands out to be unique and mysterious. Thanks to the spring season, the Burney Falls displays a breathtaking act as it comes out from the rocky cliffs.  

7. Havasu Falls

Famous as America’s top waterfalls located in Arizona’s Havasupai Indian Reservation, the Havasu Falls is perfect for a visit anytime of the year. More than the waterfalls, the turquoise waters of Havasu Creek will spellbind you. Apart from the falls, admire the red-rock cliffs, dams and the stalactites. Visitors have several options to reach the falls – a helicopter ride, 11-mile hike or on a horseback.  

8. Tahquamenon Falls – Paradise, MI

Michigan has its slice of paradise known as Tahquamenon Falls. This block shaped, broad waterfall is captivating enough to offer you quality time among the ecstatic scenery. The best time to visit the falls is during the vivid springtime when the leaves change colours. Everything is intimidating about this place; you will certainly love it.  

9. Feather Falls – Quincy, CA

Hidden wonderfully in the Plumas National Forest, the Feather Falls is famous as one of the tallest waterfalls in California. Located towards the outskirts of Yosemite, this waterfall is a masterpiece. Reaching the falls is quite easy. We recommend enjoying a 4.5-mile hike and reach the falls while enjoying scenic vistas on the way. Make sure your camera does all the talking. Unquestionably, the Feather Falls is listed among top 15 waterfalls in US.  

10. McWay Falls – Big Sur, CA

Plummeting 80-feet from the craggy cliffs, the McWay Falls might not seem to be an attention-grabber. If you ever travel on Highway 1, you might want to make a stop to marvel at this waterfall falling on the sandy shore. Do not miss taking the shortest trail at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to reach the waterfall and take in sweeping, panoramic views of the ocean.  

11. Waimoku Falls – Maui, HI

Known as one of the most famous waterfalls in US, situated at the head of the Pipiwai Trail on Maui Islands, the Waimoku Falls compliments the Seven Sacred Pools on the Hana Road. The trail offers one of the best hikes on Maui, leading you to the enthralling 400-foot Waimoku Falls. Feel the splash of the falling waters and spend an amazing time in the bosom of nature.

12. Palouse Falls – LaCrosse, WA

Washington is not all political. There are fabulous places that depict the wonder of natural wonders. The Palouse Falls is one of them. This 200-foot waterfall makes its way through a winding gorge. One interesting fact attached to the falls is – The Palouse Falls is considered among the last active waterfalls on the ice Age floods path, which is believed to be active for more than 5,000 years old. Interesting!  

13. Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls, ID

Taking its place among the 15 most beautiful waterfalls in America and boasting of being 1,000-feet wide, descending 212 feet in the gorge, the Shoshone Falls is one of the most dynamic waterfalls in the country. This impressive beauty on the Snake River rests at the point of Twin Falls. Apart from the main attraction, the Idaho region offers a mystical blend of hiking routes, a boat ride, swimming area, picnic areas, and other competitive facilities.  

14. Snoqualmie Falls – Snoqualmie, WA

Unite with 1.5 million visitors at the bewildering Snoqualmie Falls located in Washington. Parking is free, and the viewing area is open from dawn until dusk. Visitors will also find a two-acre park, gift shop, and the Salish Lodge to relax and enjoy mouth-watering snacks.  

15. Grand Falls, Arizona

Nonetheless, this waterfall is a concealed appeal in Arizona’s Navajo Nation; it’s a pretty gigantic deal. Bigger and taller than Niagara Falls, the Grand Falls is a magnanimous stretch of water cascading into the Colorado River. It is often referred to as the Chocolate Falls due of its brownish colour. No wonder visitors love to enjoy a scenic drive to one of the waterfalls at the destination they plan to explore. Taking a dip or standing at the foot of any waterfall is highly rewarding. The United States is full of natural wonders that are worth visiting and the most beautiful waterfalls are one of them.  ]]>

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