9 Most beautiful Urban Parks to Explore across the World

The feasibility and pleasure of living in a city can’t be denied by any of us. However, one also cannot deny the fact that the cities often lack a perfect green space. Fortunately, there are some popular cities across the world that feature such places where one can spend a few moments of peace and relaxation in the heart of the urban zone. Such places allow you enjoying picnics in green spaces or discovering a variety of wonderful plants and flowers. This article gives you information about those recreation and green spaces available in various cities of the world. These parks are usually comprised of playgrounds, garden, walking trails and picnic facilities and more. Explore some of the best urban parks to be explored across the world through this article.  

1. Griffith Park, Los Angeles

This extensive urban park is spread over a vast area of 4,000 acres in the mountains of Santa Monica. Griffith Park features Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo, Golf Course, concert venues and several hiking trails. The park is one of the famous tourist places in LA and enjoys panoramic views of the whole city. A number of locals and tourists can be spotted in this park on a daily basis.  

2. Monsanto Forest Park, Lisbon

Positioned over more than 2,400 acres of land in Lisbon, this breathtaking urban park attracts equally to both the tourists and local residents. Enjoy the view of the astonishing skyline of Lisbon from this park. It is simply a paradise for the nature lovers offering a well expanded tree-covered area. The Ecological Park of Lisbon is located in this forest park, which is spread over an area of 50 hectares. It wonderfully informs the visitors about the environment, geology, weather and flora and fauna.  

3. Beihai Park, Beijing

It is one the biggest Chinese Gardens and known for featuring a number of historic structures, citadels and temples. There is a lake in this park, with Jade Flowery Islet. Another outstanding part to visit in the park is Hao Pu Creek Garden, which is utterly serene and features a mountain-water structure. Other prominent landmark is 9-Dragon Screen. With appealing temples, large amazing lake and ancient alleyways, this park becomes simply incredible.  

4. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

Located close to the city center of Singapore, it is a small nature reserve spread over 400 acres of land. It is located on the slopes of the highest hill in Singapore at an altitude of 163 meters. Once you arrive in this nature reserve, you can forget everything about the bustling lifestyle of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. Along with the adjoining Central Catchment Nature Reserve, the park features more than 840 species of flowering plants and 500 species of fauna. In spite of its small size, it is supposed to be a creative place of nature in Singapore.  

5. Parc Guell, Barcelona

It is an exotic urban park in Barcelona, which features wonderfully designed buildings. The fantastic structures in the park were at first intended to be part of a housing development that couldn’t succeed. These structures give it an appearance of theme park with a plenty of green space covering the rest of the park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers great space to relax in the urban noises of a huge city.  

6. Luxembourg Garden, Paris

In the city of romance Paris, Luxembourg Garden is the garden of the French Senate. The garden is housed in the Luxembourg Palace and is the second biggest park in Paris. People come here for enjoying picnics or take leisurely stroll among the striking lawns, charming gardens and fruit orchards. There are many creative statues and fountains in this park. Jogging paths, tennis court and fitness equipments are also available for the recreation of the guests.  

7. Phoenix Park, Dublin

Phoenix Park is one among the biggest urban parks in Europe, which is spread over an area of 1,750 acres in Dublin. The park features Dublin’s Zoo, a huge green lawn, a number of historical and spiritual monuments and an old fort. Around one third of the park is covered with various trees. Regarded as a Royal deer park, it is a retreat for the different species of mammals, birds and an extensive range of wildlife habitats. A number of Deer can be seen in this park.  

8. Central Park, New York

Situated at the heart of Manhattan, Central Park is the most popular urban park in America. It is an ultimate place that comprised of about 800 acres of land, where one can escape the chaos of city life. Stroll down the pathways, relax in open meadows or breathe close to the peaceful lakes while being this park. The woodland area allows you spending some time in bird-watching. During the summer months scheduled concert performance can be also witnessed here.  

9. Hyde Park, London

A huge city park in London is basically known for being one of the Royal Parks of the city. Hyde Park has a number of prominent landmarks, including Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, Speakers Corner and State of Achilles. The park offers the plethora of opportunities for recreation. Enjoy pedal boating and swimming at Serpentine River, play at the mini-golf course or go for a horse ride. This urban park is a stunning green destination in the heart of a bustling city providing great space to spend many relaxed hours. If you are planning a visit to any of these cities, don’t forget to visit their respective urban parks. These provide the visitors and locals moments of relaxation amidst chaos of the metropolitans. ]]>

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