Top Alabama Attractions for your Next Holiday

Introductionalabama tourist attraction
. Alabama is a state full of unforgettable beauty, adventure and history.
. The state has abundant forests and water resources that make an amazing outdoor adventure.
. A holiday in Alabama will definitely present you with some of the world’s best camping, hiking, bird watching and biking.
. The state has diverse and authentic arts, which include fork art, music and theater to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
. Alabama is also rich in education and science attractions, accommodation facilities and award-winning restaurants.
. Some of the top Alabama attractions for your next holiday are described as follows.

The US Space and Rocket Centerus space and rocket center
. This is a museum divided into a number of interesting areas.
. It has space camps, rockets, exhibited awards and inclusive hardware for all visitors.
. You can visits areas such as the space dome theater, the training center and the rocket park.
. The museum presents and holds a number of missions and shuttle programs.
. It’s in the museum where you can experience the visualized moon story.
. The museum is run by the government of Alabama and is supervised by NASA.

Noccalula Fallsalabama falls
. These falls are situated in Gadsden, Alabama near the Noccalula Falls Park.
. It’s in the park where you can come across a bronze statue of a girl who killed herself after jumping into the falls.
. The park has an extensive garden where people can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty.
. The 25-acre park will allow you to do hiking, camping and picnics while sightseeing.
. You can also observe colours of the rainbow from the 90-feet waterfall.

Cathedral Cavern State Park
. This cavern has the world’s widest entrance, measuring 125 feet wide and 26 feet high.
. It’s in the cavern where you can come across the Mystery River, the Big Rock Canyon and other beautiful formations.
. You will also see the world’s largest stalagmite, “Goliath”, which has a height of 45 feet.
. In addition, the park offers you with gem mining, tent camping and picnicking.
. Your children will get to learn about formation of minerals and stones inside the earth.

Birmingham Zoo
. This zoo was launched in 1956 in Birmingham, Alabama and receives more than 550,000 visitors annually.
. The 122-acre zoo has more than 700 different kinds of animals from around the world.
. It’s in the zoo where you can watch more than 200 different species of animals.
. Some endangered species of animals such as Siberian tiger and San Esteban chuckwalla are also found in the zoo.
. You will also see bears, giraffes, zebras, geckos, white rhinos and gorillas.
. The zoo also opens temporary exhibits with dinosaurs called “Dino Discovery”.

Cheaha Mountain
. This mountain is one of the Alabama’s highest points and is known for hiking, climbing and mountaineering.
. The base of the mountain has a lake surrounded by breathtaking vegetation.
. It’s in the mountain base where you can enjoy a campground full of hotels, vacation cottages, restaurants, chalets and pavilions.
. The mountain has an observation tower, Bunker Tower, which allows visitors to view the rest of Alabama.

Gulf Shores
. These shores will welcome you with several activities for an authentic experience in your holiday.
. The shores have many recreational facilities, including the Coast Zoo and the Waterville.
. Your family can enjoy dolphin watching, ocean fishing and boating cruises.
. Gulf shores attract tens of thousands of visitors annually from around the world.
. Alabama has a number of international airports to help people visit the wonderful state.
. You can therefore book a plane to Alabama with help of easy jet telephone number for your next holiday.

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