Sunny Vacation at the Beaches in Thailand

Well planning to take sunbath during these holidays and wondering where you can find some of the best beaches all in one single country. Then probably you have hit the jackpot. Thailand is a country known for its flora and fauna and its reputation for beaches. It is one place you will not regret visiting in your lifetime. Well to start on with we introduce the 5 most popular beaches in Thailand.

Haad Rin Beach: haad rin beach

Now this beach in Thailand is known for it Full Moon Parties! Yes you heard that right, the famous Full Moon Parties.  this is a perfect place for drinking, dancing and music. The party here never ceases to stop. If you are wondering where you can find this paradise, the answer is in Koh Pha Ngan ( a small peninsula.

The next in the list of Tourism in Thailand guide is a beach which you can enjoy with your kids. Yes that’s right a beach for full family.

Hua hin Beach: hua hin beach

This beach is known for huge number of international visitor visiting it every year. Well one of the reasons for this is that it is close to Bangkok. So next time whenever your flight lands in Bangkok do make sure you pay a visit this beach. At the same time it is also popular because large number of family tourist visits this beach. It is a family beach. Make sure next time you take your kids to this beach and have fun making sand castles with them.

But beaches are incomplete without some sports and if you want to experience the force of waves then Kata beach is probably what you are looking for.

Kata Beach: kata beach

Well near to Phuket and in fact a couple of miles away from the crowded Patong Beach, this is usually a quieter beach. During the off season this beach is also known for its high rise tides making it great to do surfing here.  We warn you it’s not really a perfect spot for children or people with weak heart due to adrenaline rush of high tides.

The next in our list of beaches in Thailand is the beautiful Lamai Beach.

Lamai Beach:lamai beach

It is the perfect balance for visitors who are looking forward for something of everything. It is known for beautiful scenery, good swimming conditions and plenty of things to do when you are not enjoying in water. Howeverl if you are wondering what is there for night, then don’t fret or frown because you can find couple of bars and restaurants to spend your night partying.


Tourism in Thailand guide is not complete without white sands beaches in Thailand. So the next up on our list is a White Sand Beach in Koh Chang.

Koh Chang: It is situated against a backdrop of sloping hills. And we warn you these beaches in Thailand are not really a luxury one but definitely worth the visit once. It is full of coconut and palm trees. So make sure to save your head.

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