Maputo – An Ideal Escape to Mozambique

City Overview

Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique is known for its broad avenues lined with red acacia and lilac jacaranda flowering trees. One of the top tourist destinations of the country, Maputo houses an exquisite pool of innumerable historical, cultural and scenic locations.

This African metropolis is a planned city, designed in grid format during the Portuguese colonial times and this is one reason you’ll find it an easy place to be around after cheap flights to Maputo from London.maputo tour

Let’s take a look at what all this fabulous urban has to offer to its guests on holiday trip to Maputo.

Best Places to See In Maputo:

  • The National Museum of Arts

With the finest collection of works by Mozambican artists like Malangatana, Naguib Mucavele and Cahissano, The National Museum of Arts is a must visit site in Maputo. The museum is located at Av Ho Chi Minh.

  • The Iron House or Casa de Ferro

Designed by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame, the Iron House is made up entirely of steel walls and roof that are all joined together. The place was originally regarded as the governor’s residence.  

The Cathedral Of Our Lady Conception-maputo city view from top

Nossa Senhora da Conceicao is another popular landmark in the district housing a tall single spire, set in Praca da Independencia. People coming to the state with Book Cheap flights to Maputo from London come to the site to spend some peaceful time in the cathedral.

The City Hall

The building of Conselho Municipal – The City Hall, is a distinctive structure that presents the majestic fashion o f the colonial times.

The Fortress – Fortaleza

Fortaleza is another most sought after tourist site in the city of Maputo that dates back to the early colonial era built in 1781. This is one of the oldest structures in the region, and has a design similar to the other Portugese forts set up along Mozambiques coast.The Fortress is now a museum with remnants from the era of early Portuguese venture to the province.

There are several other remarkable sights that deserve a visit while holidaying in Maputo with cheap travel deals. These Include:

  • Louis Trichardt Trek Memorial
  • Jardim Tunduru Botanical Gardens
  • Museu da Moeda
  • Praca dos Trabalhadores

What’s Special in Maputo?

Maputo is a fabulous city for a nightout! From delectable seafood to a host of chic restaurants, the city greets its visitors with a warm party atmosphere serving great food at reasonable costs. People who look for cheap food in Maputo, the town is full of budget eateries with diverse cuisines on offer.  It’s a fantastis place to indulge in tangy, spicy Ethiopian food; and for vegetarians, Maputo has a variety of pizzas apart from a number of restaurants serving traditional Mozambican delights well supported with matapa, mucapata and vegetable curry.

Summary: Maputo with its relaxed, laid back atmosphere is a favorite among visitors who visit the town to spend a relaxing holiday in Africa.

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