Maldives- An Ideal Coastal Paradise For Your Dream Holiday!

There are numerous touring enthusiasts all over the world, who favors visiting the coastal areas than the mountainous regions. You will find many breathtaking coastal areas throughout the globe, where millions of tourists flock to each year. Maldives possesses one of the most exotic coastal areas in the world. The serenity of this country is a thing to savor. The country consists of a group of islands. The archipelago is located to the south of the Lakshadweep islands, which are parts of India. It is also situated south west of the nation of Sri Lanka. The island is characterized by the presence of lucid blue water all around it and white sand beaches.

You can involve yourself in scuba diving, into the Indian Ocean, from various parts of the islands. The part of the Indian Ocean, all around the islands, is thronging with marine life and magnificent coral reefs. You can rest assured that all the elements of the islands will provide an amazing treat to your eyes. You can relax peacefully in a secluded part of one of the incredible beaches of Maldives. You can get pleasurable sunbaths, besides bathing gleefully in the Ocean, on the beaches of the islands.
When you visit the Maldives islands, you need to keep few things in mind. These include the food available in different parts of the islands, the ways of reaching the group of islands, the weather of the place and the other nuances of tourism in Maldives. The knowledge about all the facts will make your tour smooth and hassle free. The facts are elaborately discussed below:

The food, served in the reputable restaurants, located in different parts of Maldives, include lip smacking regional coastal cuisines, which the travelers can gorge on day in and day out. The cuisines, served in the hotels and restaurants, also include Thai, Continental and Indian food varieties.

Weather prevailing in Maldives:
All throughout the year, one will find sunny, humid and warm weather in all the islands of Maldives. This type of weather condition is suitable for diving. Thousands of divers visit the islands and indulge in the pleasurable sport each year. The maritime climate of the place is fast influencing the surfers of all over the world to turn their attention to the Maldives islands for the surfing sport.

USP of Maldives:
If you visit Maldives and go out for sightseeing, then you will come across many places in the islands, which you will not be able to describe in words. Such will be the level of speechlessness, which you will attain, watching the features. The Ocean around the islands is the home to numerous species of Spinner Dolphins and Whales. There are many resorts in different parts of the islands, which facilitate the travelers with Whale and Dolphin viewing trips into the Ocean and other adventure sports, such as parasailing. You will find numerous huge lagoons in many of the islands, which will sooth your eyes.

Places to visit:
There are numerous beautiful monuments to visit in the islands. The monuments, including the Grand Friday Mosque, Hukuru Miskiiy, Mulee Aage Palace, National Museum of Maldives situated in Sultan Park and Sheraton Full Moon’s artificial waterfall are a few of the popular tourist spots in Maldives. You can get enlightened about the monuments and thus, enhance your knowledge about the history of the islands. One can also visit the fish market of the nation. You can have a look at the numerous fish products put up for sale in the market. You can even involve yourself in fishing, under the beautiful starry sky of the night, which will provide you with a lifetime experience.

How to get there:
You can board an international flight to Maldives International Airport or other airports, located in different parts of the islands. The travelers can rent a speedboat or seaplane from the airport. You can also hire the services of locally used Dhoni for reaching your desired location. The tourists can also opt for taxis, motorbikes or just walking, in order to move from one place to another. You need to hire the services of the island’s ferry for hopping from one island to other.

Maldives is rightly termed as a coastal paradise by many travelers, where one can spend his dream holiday. The magnificence of all the islands of Maldives will provide you with an amazing experience, which will be etched in your memory forever. All the experiences will act as effective stress buster for you.

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