Krakow Sightseeing – In Search of Peace and Quiet

krakow travel tour Krakow Sightseeing – Old Podgórze This district was originally established by the Austrians at a time when Krakow found itself on the very edge of the Polish borders, Podgorze has a kind of sleepy charm about it today. The nieghborhood has its own main square, which is dominated by the Neogothic St. Joseph’s Church, built at the beginning of the 20th century. Behind the church is an enormous green recreation area, Bednarski Park, where picturesque landscapes and shady trees combine to create any number of very tempting places to sit and enjoy the view. A walk through the streets in the area takes you past many lovely villas from the first decade of the 20th century. Walk far enough and you will end up in the hills that overlook Podgorze and close to the 11th century Church of St. Benedict. Just a bit beyond that is the Krak Mound, part of an old network of defensive fortifications and a great vantage point for a quite, comtemplative journey with the whole city as a backdrop. salwator Salwator with a Krakow Guide Peace and quiet along with great views of the area around the river can also be found on a trip to the Salvator district. This interesting planned neighborhood also has many unique and attractive villas that are characteristic of the style from when they were build just over a hundred years ago. These homes are often surrounded by manicured gardens and lush green trees. Right next door to Salvator is the Norbertine Convent, situated right on the banks of the river and the wooden chapel of St. Maragaret. This area has an amazing number of quiet corners and green spaces where you can be all alone despite being so near the city center. wolski forest krakow Krakow Tours at Wolski Forest Another area unspoiled by the noise of the city is the Wolski Forest. This calm, quiet nature reserve is characterized by its tall, leafy trees and unique terrain. Foot and bike trails visitors deep into the greenery and some of them lead to nearby Pilsudski Mound, another vantage point over the city, and to the zoological gardens. Krakow sightseeing, recreation and peaceful nature all in one? Krakow’s monasteries Krakow’s monasteries It’s hard to think of a place more suitable for quiet reflection than a monastery and Krakow is home to many of them. Most of them have amazing libraries and works of art and well maintained grounds to make the setting complete. Don’t be afraid to ask to look around places not normally accessible – monks are often happy to have the chance to share the many treasures within the walls of their home. Remember that the oldest monastery – the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec – in Poland is within Krakow’s city limits. Find all the information you need at Krakow Sightseeing. Other notable monasteries in Krakow include the Cisterian Abbey at Mogila from the 13th century. Inside, visitors can discover amazing Renaissance frescos and other impressive works. A stop at the Mogila Abbey is obligatory on any Nowa Huta tour, the larger district that surrounds it. Krakow is a world class tourist destination that greets millions of visitors every year but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t places of peace and solitude if you know where to look. This is just one of many surprising facets of a city that has much to offer.]]>

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