Kodaikanal – The land of unblemished natural beauty

places to visit in Kodaikanal incorporates of Coaker’s Walk, Bryant’s Park and Bear Shola Falls near the lake. Besides, if you time your trip accordingly or check the date online, you may be able to witness the Kurinji, which blooms once in twelve years. kodaikanal travel Kodaikanal is one of the most sought after honeymoon holiday destination. Honeymooners go to great extend to plan a trip to this heaven on earth before they embark on a lifelong journey together. The newly wed couples come here to celebrate their new journey while older couples come here to reignite their love by taking a romantic trip to this trippy hill station. kodaikanal trip The lovely climate of the Kodaikanal, the picturesque scene of the slopes from the lavish glades underneath, rich crisp greeneries to the extent the eye can see is ensured to hypnotize any explorer visiting this lovely little bit of paradise. Go for a walk along the forested areas, column over the Kodai lake and shower or if nothing else witness the sprinkling waterfalls which stream down in spouting power to top off the lake. For some more open air exercises, you could go for steed riding or cycling. Cycling is a fun way to explore the place as the cool breeze hitting your face as you pass by picturesque landscapes can be mesmerizing. .   On you trip to Kodaikanal, it is recommended you invest your energy in the outdoors as much as you possibly can. Rather than eating in, get a takeaway from the eateries and head out for a picnic to some place. Appreciate each minute and enjoy each experience with nature as places like this, in this day and age, where cutting edge infrastructures encompass us all over the place are hard to find.   Kodaikanal does not have an airport and getting to the spot may not be as easy as going by other major cities where you can without much of a stretch get a flight in and out of the city at any desirable time. The nearest train station from Kodaikanal is the Palani railway stations. You can make your Indian railways ticket booking till this station and get a cab till Kodaikanal which is only 60 km away from the train station. Rest assure the passing scenery of the beautiful landscape will be worth all the trouble!]]>

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