How to Plan an Amazing Surprise Getaway to Paris

Looking to surprise your loved one with a romantic weekend away in the city of Love? A romantic break can be the perfect time to spend time with your loved one, while escaping the daily grind. The key to a successful surprise trip is in the planning to ensure that surprises aren’t spoiled before the perfect moment, and remember to leave a little room for spontaneity, too!

*Step One:

Check your partner’s calendar before making any bookings, and if possible ask close friends or relatives to ensure your partner hasn’t mentioned any plans. You don’t want your romantic weekend to clash with an important appointment that they have had arranged for months.

*Step Two:

Make sure suitable arrangements have been made for any pets or children that you will be leaving behind. It takes the edge off any surprise if you have to be running around at the last minute looking for child care or boarding kennels.

*Step Three:

Decide where you want to go. Paris, Rome and Venice are all ideal cities for a romantic getaway that are easily accessible from the UK. A beautiful city and a secluded, top secret hotel are the perfect way to get your romantic holiday off to an amazing start.

* Step Four:

If you do decide on a getaway to Paris, search around for a stay in a romantic hotel in Paris. Steer away from hotels that are targeted at young families and offer endless kids entertainment. Look instead for something small and intimate with lots of personal touches, and even make sure you have flowers delivered to your room ready for your arrival.

Make sure the hotel offers room service for that romantic breakfast or quiet evening sitting on the balcony sipping wine or champagne. If the hotel provides entertainment you want it to be something that you and your partner will enjoy listening to, so try to check it out beforehand.

*Step Five:

Create the right itinerary. While you are here you will want to visit some of the most romantic places in Paris, so have a look in a travel guide or online before you head off.

The Eiffel Tower attracts lovers from all over the world. The view from the top is exquisite, and an intimate meal at the restaurant on the second platform may be even more romantic. At the western end of the Ile de Cite is the Square do VertGalantis, a romantic haven where you and your partner can relax in beautiful surroundings and observe life drift by on the Seine, a beauty spot in its own right. And of course remember to visit Montmartre with its winding streets and picturesque views.

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