Highly Celebrated March In Rajasthan

Let go of the winters and welcome spring that brings with it the festivals of Rajasthan. The fairs and festivals in this state are one of the attractions of the travellers. Here is a brief description.

Rajasthan is brimming with architectural delight. Dynamic places and picturesque spots with historical effects offers a unique aura to Rajasthan. Each year people from all over the world frequent here to observe the grandeur. Rajasthan has almost 30 destinations. Each one has unique orientation. From Ajmer the religious town to Jaipur, the Pink City, from Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary to open art gallery of Mandawa. Rajasthan has a lot to offer to the visitors. While planning a tour of this state, it is very important to keep in mind that it takes a long time to explore the whole state. One can plan and take a tour of the cities one at a time. Enough hotels are there and they are all located strategically throughout the state. It is better to book hotels in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur prior to your visit.

The best time to visit Rajasthan is from October to March, however, few cities have different duration to visit, but the ideal time comes under this period only. Well, as the state highly celebrates its culture and tradition. Fairs and festivals are important dates in Rajasthan. So, this article talks about few fairs and festivals which the Rajasthani people love to celebrate.

jaipur elephant festivals

1) Jaipur Elephant Festival: The majestic Pink City, Jaipur is gorgeous. It still retains its colour and glamour. With all the goodness, Jaipur celebrates the Elephant Festival in March of every year. It is celebrated a day before Holi. The huge elephants are painted and decorated with embroidered Chaddar. It is a grand festival with lots of colours and music. As, it has become one of the controversial festivals, do, check the latest news and date of the festival before planning a tour around this festival.

2) Godwar Festival: India proudly beholds its folk culture. And Rajasthan is that state which still nurtures its folk culture. Godwara festival is one such which inaugurate with traditional and folk dance and music of Rajasthan. It is also celebrated during spring. From arts and handicrafts work to embroidered pieces and wildlife safaris to local turban tying competition, it is the festival of locals for all. It is celebrated in Pali and horse and camel rides and rock climbing are also a part of this celebration.

3) Mewar festival: The beautiful Udaipur and its women celebrate the Mewar festival by carrying the images of Goddess Gauri to Lake Pichola. It is also celebrated in March. Marked by colours, foods, music and fireworks, Mewar festival is one of the most awaited festivals in Rajasthan.

4) Gangaur: During this Spring time, Gangaur, the same kind of Mewar festival is celebrated throughout the Rajasthan.

Reaching the state during this festival is not a problem. Just check the exact date of the celebration and fly to Rajasthan. Check air ticket booking for more details on flight

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