Have You Visited these Quaint Temples in Chennai Yet?

If you are religious and are needing to visit some incredible sanctuaries, then Chennai should be the spot for you. The havens here are an embodiment of the lifestyle, customs and powerful presence of the Hindu divine beings and are known for their rich mythology, traditions and the enormous number of lovers who come here reliably to get a gander at these Gods and Goddesses. In the event that you are one religious soul, then you can without much of a stretch get the cheapest flight from Mumbai to Chennai anytime, consistently, only if you are smart enough to dig for them! These arrangements certainly come helpful when one needs to set out on a religious spree and spend a few hours at the doors of their all-powerful. So in the event that you are wanting to investigate the religious side of Chennai, then here’s a rundown of the sanctuaries that you should visit in here. navagraha temple   Navagraha Temple The Navagraha Temples are nine asylums that are arranged in the edges of Chennai. These nine asylums are given to “Navagrahams” or the nine planets. The havens were created keeping in mind the end goal to empower the affection for the nine planets in Chennai, as opposed to people wandering out the separation to Kumbakonam to worship the Navagrahas. All the nine havens were worked in the midst of the Chola period and their style and plan is really moving. parthasarthy temple chennai   Sri Parthasarathy Temple This prevalent sanctuary of Chennai is committed to Lord Krishna and was worked by King Narasimhavarman amid the 8 th century. The sanctuary has an astonishing Dravidian style of engineering and shows the five symbols of Vishnu. It is likewise known far and wide for its gopuram and mandapa towers that component exquisite South Indian Temple Architecture. Kapaleeswarar Temple   Kapaleeshwar Temple The Kapaleeshwar Temple was implicit the seventh century as a dedication to the Hindu Goddess named Karpagambal. This Goddess is another incarnation of Parvati, who is in like manner saw as Durga or Shiva’s wife. The haven is arranged in Mylapore in Chennai and is truly captivating and wonderful in appearance. The configuration and styling is totally marvelous. ayyapa temple   Ayyappan Temple The Ayyappan Temple is a commitment to the Hindu God Lord Ayyapan. This is the principle asylum that has been given in his name. It is moreover holds the icons of Lord Vinayakar and Lord Subramanian. The sanctuary is truly innovative and superb in appearance and is an unimaginable spot to go to in case you are needing to discover more about the South Indian culture. kalikambal temple   Kalikambal Temple The Kalikambal Temple in Chennai is committed to Hindu Goddess Kalikambal who is in like manner venerated as Goddess Kamakshi in a couple areas of India. The present day Kalikambal Temple was natural 1640 A.D. after the main asylum was pounded. The site of the principal haven was near the shore, and it is assumed that Portuguese trespassers chop down the asylum. According to an area legend, one of the fiercest sorts of Goddess Kamakshi was venerated at the asylum. This kind of the goddess was acknowledged to be especially powerful and skilled and was later supplanted by her not so much mighty but instead more peaceful sort of Goddess Kalikambal. The Kalikambal Temple is visited by religious travellers from far and wide, and paying a visit here is certainly one of the most essential things to do in Chennai India.]]>

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