Explore The Best of Goa in Its Rich Culture & Old Heritages

Goa is one of the major highlights in India tourism. It is an interesting city that is a pool of tourist attractions and allures. A trip to Goa is never boring. Head to the city to explore all its allures for real. Meanwhile, try considering the Goa packages to best enjoy the tour of Goa.

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Goa, a perfect holiday destination in India that finds fame for its happy-go-lucky atmosphere, beautiful beaches, rich Portuguese influenced history, and appetizing Goan cuisine, is a major part of India. It is amongst the smallest states in the country and sits at the western coastline of mainland India. The state shares its borders with two most influential states of India, namely Maharashtra and Karnataka, and together with these two states forms a larger cultural region, known as Konkan region.

From the outlook Goa can be seen as northern Goa and southern Goa. The northern part of the state is more developed, replete with all comforts and pleasures of urbanization. On the other hand the southern part is more untouched and unspoiled. Dense-stretching forests cover this region of the state. Most of the state’s populous live in the northern region of the state, as is obvious due to fact that this part is more urbanized. Besides, being modern also means better educational system, improved healthcare, and greater number of opportunities.

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Goa probably being a destination in India that is most visited to tourists from all across India, today posses a very rich culture. It is the melting-pot where different cultures meet and mix seamlessly. The old Portuguese colonization heritage is very much visible in the culture and religion of the state. Even after many decades since the Portuguese left Goa, there still reside some Portuguese families preserving their old heritages and culture. Goa remained the home to Portuguese for about 500 years, and it was in year 1961, when the Indian armed forced annexed the state and included the state in union territory of India.

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Amongst the Christians Goa is a place of immense importance, as the state houses the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier. The remains of the saint are preserved in the Basilica de Bom Jesus, which is one of the most beautiful and revered churches in India. The church falls within the boundary of Old Goa, which is also the old capital of the state. Panjim is the current capital of the state, and it is situated close to Old Goa.

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Home to number of places to visit in Goa, Panjim is also a perfect spot to explore and learn more about the Portuguese history of Goa. In the neighbourhood exists the old Portuguese colonial town, which is home to number of old quarters that still belong to the last remaining Portuguese families, narrow lanes, bakeries, and quaint shops etc. Besides, the city also offers several cruise services on the Mandovi River, the state’s main river.

What’s more, the state’s only international airport is also situated in the vicinity to Panaji. It is about 29 km from the capital, and there are number of taxis, cabs travelling between the two. The entire state remains humid in most of the time, except during winters. Winter is pleasant here, and arrives in November and stays till February. It is also the peak season of Goa tourism. Plus, it is also the time frame when Christmas and New Year, two of the most celebrated festivals in Goa, fall.
Simply put, Goa is a beautiful state in the west coastline of India. It is home to number of attractions and tourism allures that beckon one to visit Goa. Pick your choice from the long list of Goa packages to best enjoy your vacation, and head to Goa to explore-relish it for real.

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