Explore the most fascinating destination Madurai

South India, especially the Tamil speaking state Tamil Nadu is the land of temples as one can see the gopuram touching the sky all around the region. People interested in having a wonderful holiday seeing the wonderful art and architecture should pay a visit to the Madurai, which is world famous for the Meenakshi Temple. This is not just an important spiritual destination of the state Tamil Nadu but is even the mesmerizing tourist spot that is mostly visited by hundreds of travelers every year.

Meenakshi Temple: meenakshi temple

Dedicated to Meenakshi Amman and Sundareswarar Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva the temple in Madurai is a prominent landmark which made this place a very special destination of South India in south India tour.  Built during the glorious time of the Pandyan rulers the temple earned a graceful appeal with the contribution of the Nayakkar dynasty rulers.  The Meenakshi Amman in the temple is one amazing shrines of south India and the temple stands as a gem reflecting the art of the ancient artists. One need to visit the temple as each and every particular of the temple amazes art lovers. Especially the 1000 pillar hall stands as a special attraction of the temple along with the tallest gopuram. The temple is always colorful and busy with rituals and particularly the marriage ceremony celebrated in the month of April grabs the attention of international travelers.

Gandhi Memorial Museum: gandhi memorial

Not just a pilgrimage destination, but there is a lot more to explore in the fabulous destination Madurai. Travelers can spend a good time visiting the Museum, which was established in 1959. The building was a palace constructed by Nayakkar queen and in the huge construction, one can see the vast collections that relate the life the Father of Nation. One can see the marvelous facts, letters, and many more precious things that are preserved in the museum. Visiting this museum allows every traveler to know more about Bapuji and this museum hosts painting, pictures, manuscripts and many more that are related to Gandhiji.

Kutladampatti Falls & Samanar Hills: waterfalls near madurai

The Samanar Hills are nearby to the Temple of Meenakshi Amman and travelers can see the beauty of the whole region from the hill top. In the same way the waterfalls are the natural attractions around Madurai and are worth in south India tour packages.

Thirumala Nayakar Mahal:thirumalai naykar mahal

The beautiful palace constructed in the year 1636 is another appealing palace of Madurai which is worth of visiting. People can enjoy the architectural style and patterns of the marvelous constructions. The palace is filled with impressive arches, corridors, stone pillars, wood carvings and many more which makes the place an opulent Mahal. Though a part of the construction was demolished the charm and grace of the palace is to be seen by travelers and there are several artifacts and the show regarding the life history of the ruler is much impressive.

Apart from the above attractive spots one can even visit the Mururgan Idli Shop, Banana Market along with the Theppotsavam, Alagar Koyil and the Saint Mary’s Cathedral during your holiday in the spectacular destination Madurai.

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