Bhubaneswar, a heritage city perfect for history buffs and spirituals

Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa state is famous for age-old sculptures, handicrafts, rock carvings, sand artistry and classical Odissi dance. Head to this historic city and spend a holiday that is full of learning, great expeditions and adventure. For accommodations, try considering the best Bhubaneshwar hotels with best price and amenities.

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Bhubaneswar, is an ancient city that finds mentioned in the itineraries of every history buff and religiously inclined traveller. It is a small part of the Indian state of Orissa, and is also refereed as the Temple City of India. One have to visit the city, if he likes to explore the lost-age old heritages of the by-gone era. The city is filled with ancient sculptures, rock carvings, medieval temples and ruins. Other than these there also lie the world popular caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri in the vicinity of Bhubaneswar. What’s more, located at a distance of 25 km from the city there exist the Nandankanan Wildlife Park, which is one of the best nature reserves in the country. This old city was once the host of the great Kalinga kingdom and was adorned by 7000 plus shrines. However, with the passage of time only about 500 of them are left today.

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Each year, thousands of pilgrims and tourists head to the city to pay their share of homage to the almighty and get a glance of the magnificent past of the city. Being the capital of the encompassing state, the city also earns an immense political and commercial importance. Today, many places that once were covered with thick bushes and forests, are now the hosts to a number of industries.

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All the three modest modes, that is, roads, rails, and flights connect the Bhubaneswar to all major cities. There are daily flights from Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai, Kolkata, and Varanasi that is offered by Indian Airlines. Plus, the city’s railway station is a major railroad in the routes of several trains passing through the state. The city features amongst the most rapidly developing cities, and is today, replete of all major pleasures of modernization.


For a tourist there is plenty to explore and relish. At a distance of about 7 km there lies the archaeologically significant site of Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves. These caves are one of the prime jewels of the nation and are the fine references to the past. There are inscriptions on the walls of the caves telling the tales of kings and rulers of Orissa from the time between 168 to 153 AD. There also exists a place called Atri, which is a natural hot sulfur spring. The place is home to the Lord Hatkeshwar Temple, and is basically a popular site for outing and relaxing. Additionally, about 25 km from the city there is another excellent tourist spot, especially for the nature buffs. The place is an interesting zoological park where live a large species of reptiles, animals, and birds. Meanwhile, white tigers, crocodiles, and gorillas are the prime attractions of the nature park. Other than these, one may also like to check out: Dhauli, Mukteshwar Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Odhisha State Museum, and Museum of Tribal Art & artifacts.
Idealists four to five days are sufficient to experience the city entirely. The good thing is that for the sojourn trip of the city, there are plenty of good budget hotels in Bhubaneshwar. Without going excessive heavy on the wallets of the guests, these hotels offer a value for money accommodation to the tourists. Meanwhile, there also exist cheap and luxury hotels for those who seek other types of hotels.

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