Bhadrachalam- An Important Mythological Town Of Telangana

After much of beach and hill station holidays, are you planning for a religious tour with your family, here is a pilgrimage town named Bhadrachalam which will fulfil your religious pursuits. Bhadrachalam is a beautiful town of South India. Read on for more information. bhadrachalam city tour

Bhadrachalam is situated in the state of Telangana. The town is beautifully decorated with temples and greens and it is associated with Lord Rama. Every year a huge flock of devotees visit the town to worship and receive blessings. It is believed that Bhadrachalam was an integral part of Ramayana. Bhadrachalam is located along the bank of Godavari River. Slowly and steadily the town is gaining the national fame. With the influx of tourists, the number of hotels in Bhadrachalam has increased since past decades. The hotels are located in the prime locations and is bestowed with all the necessary accommodations which offer a comfortable stay to their in bhadrachalam

According to mythology, this town was a part of the Dandakaranya forest which was visited by Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana during their exile. Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy shrine is the most famous temple of the town. It is also Bhadrachalam’s main claim to fame. The rich and unique background made the shrine a very important place for Hindu. The nearby jungle areas are known as the place where Sita and Ram use to dwell. Vanavasam which is in the vicinity of the temple is the place from where Ravana abducted Sita. The town and its surroundings are wrapped in mythological tales. The tranquil and calm Bhadrachalam is a great option to spend a weekend. There are several other Hindu temples scattered throughout the town.bhadrachalam city tours

Bhadrachalam is the witness of Sita abduction and the whole scenario of saving her as well. Every corner of the town provides a link with Ramayana. The beautiful and well-carved temples will leave you spellbound. Besides, the holy temples, the scenic beauty of Bhadrachalam attracts tourists from around the globe. A walk around the town is the best way to explore all the small temples. The meandering Godavari beside the town is an added attraction. Abhaya Anjaneya Temple and Parnasala are other two places of attractions. Bhadrachalam is an important spot in Telangana tourism. Ramnavami and Karthik Purnima are the two grand celebrations. Trumpet blast, dance and music, the whole town is well-decorated during the festive season and the influx of devotees makes the celebration a grand success. The scent of agarbatis and the rigorous pujas in all the temples of the town will make you feel more religious.

Rajamundri is approximately 4 hours away from the city and it serves as the nearest domestic airport. Rajamundri is well-connected to Hyderabad and Chennai airport. Delhi to Rajamundri flights is also available now. Taxis and cabs are available from the airport to reach Bhadrachalam. Bhadrachalam has its own railway station, however, Kothagudem serves as the major rail head. You can check the availability of trains and choose accordingly. From Hyderabad and Khamma regular buses ply to Bhadrachalam.

October to March the town experience a soothing climate. A visit to Bhadrachalam during this time of the year offers a great sightseeing. Perhaps, if you plan to visit during the festivals make sure to book room before reaching the place.

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