Asia has been the epicentre of attraction and fantasies for the people of the western world for centuries now. The attractiveness of the continent has basically been the result of the theorizing regarding the cultural differences and the differences and the beauty provided by the landscape of the eastern world. The current modernization of this imperial world has successfully managed to escalate the fantasy quotient of the people all around the world regarding these places to say the least. One such modern and essentially Asian destination is Hong Kong, which has been grabbing the attention of the visitors from all around the world for quite a long time now. But there are certain things, the knowledge of which might make your trip to Hong Kong a smoother one.

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  1. Remember to collect your copy of visitors’ information before leaving the airport: – Don’t ignore the counter of the Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB) in the airport. Not only does it provide you with the booklets to make your trip a more planned one, but it also provides you with multilingual helplines as well. You might also attend the workshop it provides regarding the culture as well as the do’s and don’ts of the place. A more planned person would obviously study a bit of its official website before travelling though.
  2. Know the jargons: – Chinese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong, Cantonese is the local one. As English is one of the official languages, there might not be that much problem, but a bit of knowledge regarding the world’s most spoken language, Mandarin Chinese or a few phrases of Cantonese like “lei-ho?” which means “Hello, how are you” always helps you out. You can identify the English speaking policemen by their red striped epaulets.
  3. Ideal time to plan a trip: – If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Hong Kong to the brim, make sure to plan a trip from September through December. This period provides you with dry and sunny days along with the cool and comfortable nights. January and February would normally provide you with dampness and chill. But if you want to save money, travel from June through August and be prepared for a lot of down pour along with bursts of typhoons.
  4. Timings are important: – The shopping malls and other shops are normally open from 11:00 am to 8:00 or 9:00 pm. But the restaurants remain open till 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Make sure you enjoy your dinner by this time and then proceed to enjoy the amazing nightlife Hong Kong offers you with. The pubs and the night clubs remain open till the early hours of the morning.

A tour which is planned well is generally a tour which is successful. There is no point in reaching certain places and finding yourself in a ‘fish out of the water’ situation. Hong Kong is one of the most important destinations in Asia. It primary looks might deceive a common man into thinking that it is a crowded and chaotic place. But gradually you come to know during your visit regarding the actual beauty and culture of the place as 70% of the landscape of the destination can be termed as visitors’ paradise.

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