16 Best Trekking Destinations in India

You have arrived at this blog post for a reason. You want to take an amazing trekking expedition but don’t know exactly where to go. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to guide you through all the trekking destinations in India that you can pick to make this trip worthwhile. Many expert climbers who aspire to climb Everest often begin with Nepal Trek and after that mindfully accessing Trekking tours they consider what’s best for them. However, this post is entirely dedicated to all the fascinating trekking places in India that will simply leave you spellbound.

Here are 16 best trekking destinations in India that will make your trip the best one:

1. Valley of flowers

Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers Alosh Bennett / CC BY

What could go wrong when you decide to make the trek to ‘heaven’? Deciding to go for a 16 km trek to the valley of flowers feels no less than nature’s miracle. There are many Trekking Tours in India but no trek matches the beauty of Valley of Flowers National Park. Go for it if you want to be left mesmerized by the bloom of many flowers on your way.

2. Triund Trek

Triund Trek
Triund Trek

An 8-km trek overlooking Himachal’s Kangra valley, Triund is the kind of experience you can easily afford as it doesn’t require much walking relatively. Located in the lush Kangra valley, Triund trek can be started from the small village Dharamkot which is 2 km ahead of McLeodganj. Go for it if you’re planning to soak in a bit of spirituality because it’s also home to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

3. Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

A trek that’s almost 55 km long and takes 5 days to cover, Spiti is slightly ambitious for any beginner. Such is the merit of Spiti Valley that also leads the traveler to a 1000-year-old Key Monastery which is also registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go for it to experience the spirituality of this landscape in Himachal Pradesh.

4. Chopta

Chopta, Image Source:

A 4.5 km trek to Chopta in Uttarkhand can be an ideal trekking experience for any beginner who wants to escape from the rush of city life for the weekend and settle for mini Switzerland. Placed as the gate for the religious panch kedars, Chopta is an ideal trek for religious seekers too.

5. Dodital

Dodital Lake Trek
Dodital Lake Trek Image Source: Tour My India

Located in the lush Garhwal Himalayas, Dodital is a trek that’s 3000 m above sea level which makes it a long walk to beauty. Dodital has mesmerized every traveler with its spellbinding lake and greenery so pack your week as this trek is one of the best destinations for any trekking enthusiast.

6. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Ghodki / CC BY-SA

An ideal trek for ace mountaineers, Kedarkantha is bountiful with nature’s surprises too. It’s a 23 km long trek that involves lots of amazing pit stops that overlook other majestic peaks. Don’t forget to bring your yoga gear as it’s going to be a 5-day long trek in Uttarakhand which needs a bit of stretching on the go too and most of the people who willing to learn yoga can be enrolled in Yoga teacher training in India and it will help them a lot for trekking.

7. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Himachal Pradesh
Hampta Pass Himachal Pradesh Raja Selvaraj / CC BY

For anyone who wants to absorb the turns of changing landscapes in 4 days, we highly recommend Hampta Pass trek as it is located 14,000 ft above sea level and holds several adventurous turns throughout the journey. Get ready and pack your bags for this amazing trek in Himachal that begins from Manali and you might end soaking your feet in the beautiful Chandratal lake too.

8. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek
Bhrigu Lake Trek

This journey will be quite elevating for you as the trek is 14,000 ft above the sea level and the climb is quite steep. It is highly recommended to those who have a few trek experiences in their kitty, but not so much recommended to beginners as the journey may prove to be more tiring than normal. The trek is astounding and you will find yourself surrounded by meadows that fill your eyes with beauty and much more. The trek begins from Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

9. Nilgiris Green Lake Trek

Nilgiris Green Lake Trek
Nilgiris Green Lake Trek Image Source: pxfuel

The thick greenery of Nilgiris is worthwhile if you plan a trek in the South. With an elevation of 7,000 ft and a climb that takes about 8 hours, you will be surprised to find what awaits you on the top. Hint: it’s the sheer beauty of nature that’s never been seen before.

10. Narasimha Parvata

Narasimha Parvata Trek
Narasimha Parvata Trek Image Source: NativePlanet

Augumbe in Karnataka isn’t just known for its rainforests and India’s carbon sink. It’s also home to beautiful treks including Narasimha Parvata that’s on an elevation of 3,700 ft. A trekking guide is required here as wild animals and reptiles often show themselves out of nowhere. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to be.

11. Chokramudi Peak

Chokramudi peak
Chokramudi peak Sasikumar p / CC BY-SA

Situated in a beautiful place called Idukki in Kerala, Chokramudi peak is the kind of place that’s not so elevated but makes for a great trekking experience as it showcases the best of Kerala just 7,000 ft above sea level.

12. Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol Peak
Tadiandamol Peak Jyotirmoy / CC BY-SA

Nestled in the shola forests of Western Ghats, Tadiyandamol is also the third highest mountain range in Karnataka state of South India. The valleys that one sees while climbing this peak are beautiful and inspiring. Its elevated 1,700 meters above ground so go for it if you’re looking for a scenic trek amid green landscapes and a friendly climate.

13. Nishani Betta

Nishani Betta trek
Nishani Betta trek Image Source: eventshigh

A decent climb to what seems like a heavenly view; Nishani Betta is 4000 ft above sea level and makes for 3-6 hours of trekking experience in Coorg district of Karnataka in South India.

14. Singalila Trek

Singalila Trek
Singalila Trek Image Source: himalayajourneys.com

The north-eastern parts of India aren’t just about tea estates. Singalila climb is just the kind of walk you want to take if you ever find yourself in Darjeeling and don’t know where to begin.

15. Phalut Trek

Sandakphu Phalut Trek
Sandakphu Phalut Trek solarshakti / CC BY

When people claim that Phalut trek is one of the highest trekking ranges in West Bengal, one only tends to experience it, at least once in their lives. Go for this 21 km long climb that can be completed in a week. The beauty is breathtaking so the experience of climbing is worthwhile.

16. Dhoopgarh Trek

Dhoopgarh Trek
Dhoopgarh Trek Image Source: Flickr

Located at the elevation of 4,000 ft above sea level, Dhoopgarh range is the best trek you can make if you’re in Madhya Pradesh or central India. The sunset view is mesmerizing and you will also find Panchmarhi’s beauty all around it.

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