10 Most Popular Shopping Markets in India a Shopaholic Will Love!

There is something about shopping, that allures the souls, making everyone an addict. Shopping makes the world seem like a better place to some- especially to a shopaholic! To them, there is nothing softer than the feel of new fabric and nothing sounds sweeter than the ringing sounds of new accessories.

Even if you are not a shopaholic, you will become one when you come across the splendid attires donned by the locals, traditional accessories, glimmering jewellery, and exclusive fabrics in India. You would want to buy them all, from all parts of the country you visit! And let me warn you, with every new region you step in, there is another wardrobe must-have waiting for you, if not for your wardrobe, how about shopping for some souvenirs and gifts! We assure you that with every visit to these 10 markets you will be stunned by the shopping frenzy that goes on here every day and night and will not be able to stop the shopaholic in you from becoming a part of it!

1- Colaba Causeway Market, Mumbai

Photo by Karan Patil, CC BY-ND 2.0

Shopping is a must-do in Mumbai! It has a number of street shopping markets, but everyone there knows that Colaba is the best one! It is filled with numerous shops selling accessories, clothes, footwear, artefacts, bags and more to make you look like a Bollywood celebrity in a go! It’s a fashionistas paradise and dream come true to all those who love to shop! Most fashion and beauty bloggers in Mumbai come here to satiate their wardrobe and makeup needs. Also make sure to check out Dadar, and Linking Road for some great deals!

2- Elco Market at Hill Road, Mumbai

Photo by JamesDeMers, CC0 1.0

Another famous hub for shopaholics in Mumbai is the Elco Market is a one-stop destination for all things great! It has everything, including food to uplift your mood! It is well-equipped with branded stores as well as local shops which give you a lot of room to bargain. Therefore, if you want to experience the rush of the bargain, Elco street is a must-visit in Mumbai!

3- Commercial Street Market, Bangalore

Photo by Saad Faruque, CC BY-SA 2.0

The main place for ethnic and western fashion in Bangalore, the commercial street has lived true to its name. Housewares, clothes, gadgets and shiny accessories are sold here, at alarmingly cheap rates! The area is quite vast and takes about a whole day to look around. The best stores are further inside, so make sure you’re all prepped for a long walkthrough, which is definitely worth the toil!

4- Sarojini Market, Delhi

Photo by rose_mcavoy, CC0 1.0

Just like Mumbai, Delhi has so many markets to shop at, but Sarojini bags the top spot when you are looking for some traditional accessories, glittering bindis, colourful bangles and footwear with bling! The market offers a wide range of clothing for both men and women. It gives you a chance to blend in the real culture of Delhi. There is so much bling, fresh stock every week, and so many little trinkets- making this market a boon for shopaholics!

5- Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

Photo by DWilliams, CC0 1.0

Lucknow is the city of Nizams, and here the outfits they used to wear and the food they ate have stories dedicated to them. The finest of artists from across the world have travelled to gift the Nizams with the clothes they made, and many settled in Lucknow itself. Hazratganj is the place where you can buy the best fabrics with intricate Chikankari and Salma-Gota work, passed on to their generations by skilled artisans.

6- Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

Photo by yasin-khalifa0, CC0 1.0

Everyone who visits Jaipur has Bapu Bazaar on their “Must Visit at All Costs” list! It is always crowded and noisy, with beautiful Rajasthani stuff like Lehenga Cholis, Bangles, Jhumkas and other accessories, anklets and cloth bags, most importantly, the local made Juttis! The place looks even more lively owing to the stunning mirror work reflecting light, which is used in everything!

7- Fashion Road Market, Pune

Photo by marsian, CC0 1.0

Well, it is called Fashion Street for a reason after all! There’s an abundance of clothes to pick from, so many colours and designs, so much that it will be hard to decide for sure! And FC street is right around the corner, to fill your tummies after which you can immediately resume shopping!

8- Janpath Market, Delhi

Photo by Hans, CC0 1.0

As we had said, Delhi has so many places to shop! Janpath is the second-best there is, and the most famous! There are not many vehicles plying about, and it is thus easier and less stressful on the shoppers! One can find anything and everything here! On any given day, the places are laden with travellers and tourists, buying souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

9- Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

Photo by LoggaWiggler, CC0 1.0

Not to be confused with the market in Puducherry, the Pondy Bazaar has various local silks, and jewellery to match. Ethnic wear is sold largely, along with the material that best suits the climate of the city! It is one of the best places in Chennai to shop for a traditional South-Indian look and feel!

10- Arpora Night Market, Goa

Photo by OsRúpias, CC BY-ND 2.0
Photo by OsRúpias, CC BY-ND 2.0

Open every Saturday, this flea market of sorts has music, food, clothes and fun! If you thought Goa was just about the beaches, think again, because you can never go wrong or back home without pretty accessories and decorative made out of seashells! It is a night market, and the place is lit up perfectly. Like everything else, shopping is a party in Goa too!

So, now you know where the desires of the shopaholic in you will be finding solace in this beautiful country. Wait no more! Pack and plan a trip to India with extra bags to bring back all the stuff you are going to buy!

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