14 Must-Buy Souvenirs from Popular Places of India

Every new destination holds a secret and idiosyncrasies that are typical to it. India, as a diverse country with hill stations, deserts, cities, villages, beaches, it has everything to offer. That’s why the concept of souvenirs is perfect for keeping with the unforgettable memories of the journey you had taken. With so much to memorize and so many places to go, the best possible way you can relive those precious moments is by collecting the feel of a place by collecting the pieces that will serve as a representative from that place. Below is the list of the best memorabilia to collect while you are on a journey to the Indian destination. 

1- Handicraft from Jaipur

The pink city of the country welcomes everyone with a variety of local handicrafts. The place is famous for handcrafted Jootis, carpets puppets, and intricate designs on the clothing etc. Every souvenir from the place expresses the original Indian designs of handicrafts. So every time you go on visiting the beautiful Jaipur, make sure you bring home something that would stay with you forever.

2- Candles from Nainital

The exceptional hill station of Nainital is famous for its homemade and fragrant candles.  These candles have remained a positive motive for the tourism industry of the place holding the importance of the journey and becoming a reminder of an unforgettable trip.

3- Chikan from Lucknow

The land of Tehzeeb is popular for Tunday Kebabs and Chicken needlecraft. As a chief source of income and the matter of pride, chicken handiwork is the most amazing memorabilia one should own anytime you visit Lucknow. These elaborate designs are made over Kurtas, Sarees or any cotton textiles.

4- Terracotta Items from Bishnupur

A place located in the state of West Bengal is well known for its Terracotta temples. Terracotta is nothing but a simple baked earth soil which is a very famous craft material of this town. Intricate work is done over the sculptures created using the terracotta, is what makes them more beautiful and worth to carry.

5- Buddhist Tokens from Dharamshala and Ladakh

Dharamshala and Ladakh are two major destinations where you would find the majority of Buddhist population, however, if you are travelling there one should really bring a Buddhist meditation bowl, working on the sound frequency, prayer wheels and the multicoloured prayer flags as a memento to remember the unforgettable experience you have experienced.

6- Spices and Ayurvedic oils from Kerala

Perfectly called God’s own country, Kerala is the perfect place to sit back and relax where else you will get the most amazing messages. The place serves amazing oils and some finest spices. There is a big market in Kochi where the smell of the spices will explain the rest.  So make sure you bring these souvenirs home when you come back.

7- Tea from Darjeeling/Assam

Considered as the national drink of India, tea is something the majority of people prefer and India has some of the best places for fulfilling that need. Assam and Darjeeling are the best places to explore and bring back some freshly picked and packed tea leaves.

8- Sandalwood Products from Mysore

The famous south Indian city of Mysore is well known for the production of sandalwood products including sandalwood oil, different cosmetics etc. producing since 1916, the place is still carrying the tradition, so next time you visit the place do not forget to buy any sandalwood item as a reminder of the journey you took.

9- Pashmina Shawls, Papier Mache, Saffron from Kashmir

Apart from the magnificent sceneries and the snowfall, Kashmir is famous for their pure Pashmina shawl which is so smooth that one can easily slide through a finger ring without any difficulty. The place is also famous for saffron, which is the most expensive spice in the world. Even if you don’t like to use in your cooking you can preserve it as to keep the memories alive about Kashmir. Papeir Mache is also something that deserves recognition as a local artwork of Kashmir.

10- The Marble Products from Udaipur

The glorious lake city of Udaipur is popular for its stunning palaces and the marble products. Small structures, large sculptures-refined and made up of marble are very popular among the people who visit the place. So, whenever you visit Udaipur the next time, make sure you carefully choose something created of marble and keep it as a souvenir.

11- Itr (Attar) From Kanauj

This is a destination located in Uttar Pradesh, which is famous for its natural perfume oil derived from the natural sources. These fragrances are highly concentrated and created from everything natural. These scents are available in a variety of flavours including musk, jasmine, rose, lotus, etc. the best souvenir for anyone to get.

12- Kullu Topi from Himachal Pradesh

A colourful Cap/Topi worn by the majority of men living in the region of Kullu- Manali is a typical Topi which you can keep as ideal memorabilia of the trip. These souvenirs are very warm and stylish to flaunt.

13- Traditional Sarees of Assam, West Bengal, Varanasi and South India

The great Indian traditional dress is famous from the various parts of the country. Banarsi saree of Banaras is pretty popular for its silver and brocade, rich embroidery and fine silk. Mekhala from Assam is created from cotton, MUGA and pat – a special kind of silk. Kanjeevaram stands for the south Indian’s answer moreover Bengal offers low cost and lightweight Tant sarees for the hot summers.

14- Water and Pebbles from Gangotri-Gomukh

Gomukh is one of the key sources of the Ganges River and a trek to this region brings a memorable experience as you can climb up to the Rocky Mountains and what’s wrong in preserving the memories by collecting the pebbles and water from the region.

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