10 Most Popular Short Road Trips in India

If you want to feel liberated and want to go on a road trip away from the mundane routine of daily life, then plan any below-mentioned road trip and enjoy the journey. Let your sunglasses get covered with the dust particles and let the wind, wave your hair because nothing is better than an adventurous road trip. The feeling when you are behind the wheels is one of the most beautiful feelings for road trip lovers because they are real people who can understand the real meaning of adventure.

1- Dalhousie to Killar

dalhousie road trip

The drive to Dalhousie to Killar is one of the most spectacular road trips. While this road trip, you can stop at Chamba. This place will give you a lot of opportunities to witness the breathtaking views of Chamba. This road trip will greet you with amazing views of the Himalayas.

Distance: 175 kilometres

2- Delhi to Chandigarh

chandigarh city tour

Delhi to Chandigarh way is one of the smoothest roads in India and this road trip is truly a bliss for the people who love to eat out as there are a lot of Dhabas and small restaurants situated on the way and if you love to spend most of the time in water then you can also stop at one out of many water parks on the way. This road trip is a true delight for all the road runners.

Distance: 260 kilometres

3- Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh

bandhavgarh trip

This road trip is very well connected with the journey from Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh is amazing with stunning roads which pass through the heritage and reaches to the amazing wildlife. The instant change in the landscape is the actual delight of this road trip and as soon as you reach the destination (Bandhavgarh) you will feel amazed by witnessing the breathtaking views of the wildlife and the smell of forests is like the smell of the perfume which you always like.

Distance: 250 kilometres

4- Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

jodhpur road trip

Imagine a scenic ride from the beautiful city, Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. This desert road trip is filled with stunning views of the desert and you will also spot camel and cattle on the road. If you are lucky you might also spot animals like deer and blue bull. This road trip is really fun as riders can also stop at the roadside Dhabas and can enjoy delicious food.

Distance: 205 kilometres

5- Mysore to Coonoor

coonoor road trip

This unforgettable road trip will let you pass through a beautiful and stunning Ooty hill station. This drive offers spellbinding views to the riders and the landscape on the way is truly intoxicating.  As you will enter Coonoor, you will surely be surprised by the gorgeous tea gardens and Nilgiri trees. This road trip will surely make you feel refreshing.

Distance: 145 kilometres

6- Mumbai to Goa

goa holiday

This road trip is filled with fun because the roads are smooth and are surrounded by beautiful landscape on both sides. The real fun will begin when you will enter Goa. Numerous beaches and amazing views of sunrise will surely allure you to plan another road trip.

Distance: 609 kilometres

7- Kolkata to Digha

kolkata road trip
Image source: wikimedia.org

This is one of the most usual road trips of the Kolkata people. People of Kolkata love the drive from Kolkata to Digha because it is filled with scenic beauty and one can also eat at any of the roadside Dhabas which serve lip-smacking food. This road trip is one of the perfect getaways to have some alone time, moreover, Digha is famous for its stunning beaches and natural beauty. This road trip is also much loved by Photography buffs.

Distance: 180 kilometres

8- Ahmedabad to Kutch

kutch road trip

Gujarat is one of the charming places in India and this road trip is one of the most amazing road trips which road runners should definitely plan at least once in a lifetime. The whole route to Ahmadabad to Kutch is dotted with yummy food, small huts and people in colourful costumes. Once you reach your final destination Kutch you will be surprised by the beautiful landscape.

Distance: 400 kilometre

9- Bangalore to Chikmagalur

bangalore to ooty road trip

This route is not only the Makhan route (butter smooth roads) of the state but also the most amazing and scenic drive in India. As soon as you reach the beautiful city Chikmagalur, beautiful shades of greenery surround you and the stunning blend of hills and greenery offers the perfect landscape to the road runners.

Distance: 240 kilometres

10- Anantnag to Pahalgam

pahalgam road trip

On this road trip, you can unfold the ravishing beauty of Kashmir on your drive from Anantnag to Pahalgam. You can explore the Lidder valley on one side and other side offering panoramic views of heaven. At this road trip, a lot of amazing views welcomes your eyes and will make you fall in love with nature.

Distance: 40 kilometres

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