Top 10 Attractive Places to Visit in Bahrain

Bahrain is a small island kingdom in the Persian Gulf and lies at the east of Saudi Arabia. Although Bahrain is a small country, it is highly populated with almost the same number of locals and foreigners. Being an island, this small country is strategic for those who want to spend a peaceful holiday in the Persian Gulf. It’s connected to Saudi Arabia and has many attractions which are the places to visit when in the country. Bahrain is an economic giant in the financial sector and is among the fastest-growing world economies. For those visiting the country, having prior knowledge of the places to visit will ease your stay. Here is a list of the Top 10 attractive places in Bahrain;

1. Manama


This is the beautiful island’s capital and it’s full of fun and business activities. It was even named 5111Arab Capital of Culture” due to world-class music and artistic performances during the spring of culture festivals which are held annually in March. The modern city has developed financial institutions and shopping malls. In fact, most of the people travelling to the country stop in the capital to shop. Although the country has an Islamic administration, there are night clubs all around where you can have fun with friends and have a chance to see the classic night view of the modern city.

2. Bahrain World Trade Centre

Bahrain World trade Center
Bahrain World Trade Center B.alotaby / CC BY-SA

How does it feel to do your shopping in a world-class skyscraper? Get to high heights buying the most treasurable world products such as ornaments. If you want to get around the country with ease, this is the one-stop shopping place for automobiles and other equipment. Look out for the busy and unique skyscraper while in Bahrain for shopping under the same roof.

3. Al Hunainiya Park and Spring Development

Is horse riding your thing? This is the place to go for riding courses of up to three kilometres. The park is public and you can cheer, make race bets or just stroll around the park. There are plans to expand the racecourse into a three-phase development which will increase the number of racers and visitors to this place.

4. Arad Fort Walkway

Arad Fort
Arad Fort Francisco Anzola / CC BY

Stretching for about kilometre, the round pathway is refreshing as you walk or run due to its close proximity to the sea. The path is open for the public and its ideal for an early morning jog or walks in the afternoon enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. There are various amenities at the Arad Ft entry that includes; car parks, playgrounds, bathrooms and places for entertainment. It’s an ideal place for a family or a couple of outing when on the island

5. King Fahd Causeway

King Fahd Causeway bridge
King Fahd Causeway bridge Image Source: Wikipedia

To create and strengthen the bond between Saudi and Bahrain, a series of causeways and bridges was established and it had undergone several expansions increasing the arrival and departure lanes. Drive on the Bahrain-Saudi bridge lanes enjoying the sea view and the cool breeze.

6. Budaiya Organic Park

Does nature make you feel like you want to go wild? There is even more spiced natural environment along the pathways in the Organic Park as flowers, fruits and vegetables are the plants you will find here. The park is next to the Farming Secretary of State building and has some of the country’s indigenous plants. Enjoy the new vegetation sites while you eat the sweet local fresh fruits sold around.

7. Muharraq Cornice

A short distance from the Master Hamad Causeway is the Cornice that is full of shore entertainment and fun. Muharraq Island has some of the best beaches in Bahrain and this entertainment goes with you to the sea.

8. A Khalifa Huge

Recreation area rife whether you are a VIP or a solo traveler and want to enjoy your time in Bahrain, this is a must-visit place for everyone. Even if you are on holiday with your family, there are all types of social amenities to enjoy. The East Riffa recreation center hosts a pathway, soccer and beach ball places, skateboarding place and bike monitor among other exercise places. Utilize these amenities to have a healthy stay as your appetite may increase due to the local and international delicious dishes served in the restaurants around.

9. Royal Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park

This is a recreational area at Hidd Link. There are pathways that are lit up all night. This is a perfect place for meditation when in Bahrain. The small park is quiet and it’s a good place for couples who are dating.

10. Sitra Island

Sitra Island
Sitra Island Image Source: Wikipedia

This island receives a lot of visitors in and it is a perfect place to go for outing and meeting people from all over the world. There are yachts for hire which can be used for events such as weddings and fishing.

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