Muscat is without a doubt one Middle East’s oldest cities dating back to second century A.D. history records that Vasco Da Gama was the first foreigner to set foot there en route India. Muscat was later to become a naval base and trading post for the Portuguese in 1507 before they were defeated by Imam Sultan bin Saif in 1650 and driven away towards the east in Goa, India. After Oman’s independence in 1741, Muscat was named the capital.

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There is so much to enjoy in Muscat include rare opulent and rich cultural heritage of the Arab land and tourist from across the world can enjoy special charm marked by parks, grand forts and museums. You can make the most of your trip to the historic city if you rent a car Muscat or travel with a friend in their personal car as this makes it easier and cheaper to move around.

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Al Mirani and Al Jalali Forts are some of the ancient constructions attributed to the Portuguese. The two were built in 1580 but have so far been converted into museums. You cannot conclude your trip to Muscat without visiting these two attractions considering their uniqueness especially to the history of the country. Many visitors normally fall in love with the Portuguese watchtower as it helps them enjoy the cool evening breeze blowing from the sea. There are fountains that perfectly decorates the place and these are normally attractive to watch once the city of wrapped in darkness.

sultan qaboos grand mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the world’s third largest mosque is also a great attraction to visit. It is normally open to the public throughout the week (with exception to Fridays) from 8am to 11am. Female visitors should cover their heads, wrists and ankles during the visits as a sign of respect to Islam religion. The mosque is home to Persian carpet which is the second largest in the world to be made manually. You should rent a car Muscat to help you hop from one attraction to the other as using taxis could prove too expensive and untenable.

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Mutrah souk is also a good place if you want to buy some food and other products as it offers handicraft shops, jewelry shops and eating places. You can also buy fish in the fish market inside.

qasr al alam palace

A visit to Qasr Al Alam Royal Place will also be great. There are two forts, Jelali and Mirani, on either site of the palace and a natural water marina beneath it to improve the beauty of the place. You can take photographs of the palace although visitors are not allowed access inside.

You can also take leisure walks in the Coriche Area where there are many cheap food outlets. You can also learn social history of Oman by visiting Bait az-Subair Museum. Another beautiful place to visit is Qurum National Park aks Rose Gardens where there is a massive waterfall, an amusement park and a beautiful lake. You can’t miss the place especially during Muscat Festival. If you decide to rent a car Muscat, you can also visit other places with ease including Kalbuh Park, Riyam Park and Naseem Gardens. Other places include factories that are popular worldwide such as Amouage Perfume Factory and Omani Halway Factory where some of the world’s most prestigious perfumes are made.

Other museums in Muscat include Bait Muzna Gallery, Bait Al Zubair, National Museum in Ruwi, Children’s Museum, Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, Omani French Museum, Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, Natural History Museum, and Omani Museum. If you do not have a personal car or if you don’t want to incur the cost of repair and maintenance of your own, you can rent a car Muscat to help you enjoy a self-drive anywhere and every time you need to be on the move.

You can also visit Oman Dive Centre where various activities are on offer including rock climbing, trekking, turtle watching, camel racing, dolphin watching and horseback riding.

One of the things that make Muscat an ideal place to visit is that modern residential and commercial houses co-exist beautifully with its picturesque old buildings thus making it easy to connect with the history even as you walk in the modern era. The rocky hills surrounding the city also gives it a spectacular appearance with H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said, making things more beautiful especially at night.

You can make most of your time and travel for less if you rent a car Muscat but always compare different prices and choose the one that best meets your needs. While taxis are reliable and readily available, the cost of traversing the city and visiting the different attractions can be too high thus making Muscat car rentals much cheaper and advisable. Many suppliers normally give cheap prices on top of huge discounts especially when you book early and online.

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