Top 12 Monsoon Holiday Destination in South India

The spirit of monsoons has been perfectly captured in movies, literature, and paintings. The first drops of rain are always the most special, and the most awaited. The sight of a paper boat negotiating its way through flooded streets conjures memories of childhood. Come monsoons, and India is swept by a wave of unprecedented joy.

The beauty of South India blossoms fully during Monsson season. From Tamil Nadu to Kerala, every place looks like a perfectly painted portrait. The encompassing greenery thanks to the heavens above for this long-awaited blessing. Animals and humans, both are soaked with these showers of happiness. If you are looking for a time to visit South India, its during monsoons when its beauty is unparalleled. This blog brings you the Top 12 monsoon holiday destination in South India.

1. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a hill town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu

This lovely place is known as the “princess of hill stations.” Situated in the Palani hills of Western Ghats, it receives just the right amount of rainfall. During monsoons, the clouds hover above the hills here, thus presenting a spectacular scenery. Captivating views of hills, roaring waterfalls, and serene lakes – there is so much to charm a visitor.

2. Munnar

Munnar Monsoon
Munnar Monsoon

The beauty of Munnar during monsoons appears surreal. Mist draped mountains, aromatic tea gardens, rolling hills, and amiable weather wins the hearts of tourists. Here, one can spot some magnificent wildlife at Anamudi. One could also go for nature walks or visit the incredible Attukal waterfalls.

3. Alleppey

Alleppey Houseboat
Alleppey Houseboat

Due to its picturesque postcard-like beauty, Alleppey is called the “Venice of the East.” It’s the ideal place for spending monsoons. One can get the ultimate backwater experience here during this time. The overcast sky with little dribbles landing on the waters presents a beautiful sight. Visit the beaches or take a cruise through the various water canals, the options are many.

4. Coorg

Coorg in Karnataka
Coorg in Karnataka Image Source: Pixabay

Coorg is famous for its dense forest cover and one of the best places to visit in Monsoon in South India. Besides, it’s also regarded as a biodiversity hotspot exhibiting a wide variety of flora and fauna. Monsoons bring out the romance of its place. Explore the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, go hiking at Kotebetta and visit the coffee plantations.

5. Coonoor

Coonoor Source: Pixabay

The scenic vistas of Coonoor make it one of the top places to visit during monsoons in South India. Perched atop the green hills of Nilgiris, it’s the second-largest hill-station in South India. During the monsoons, the entire greenery surrounding the place looks refreshed. Rolling slopes carpeted with tea gardens, lush green landscapes and a cool breeze enchants visitors.

6. Wayanad

Wayanad Travel
Wayanad Travel

Looking for a perfect place to visit during monsoons in India? Head to Wayanad. Here, one can enjoy the monsoons while being tucked away in cozy tree houses. One can visit the amazing valleys or go for walks in the rain-kissed tree and coffee plantations. However, the main draw for the tourists here is the “Splash” festival, which extends to 3 days.

7. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari Temple
Kanyakumari Temple

Surrounded by waters on all three sides, the monsoons in Kanyakumari make it a heavenly place to be. It also holds the distinction of being the first place in India to welcome the monsoon showers. The cool breeze coming from the sea really makes one’s day. Also, being an off-season, one can avail of great discounts on restaurants and hotels during this time.

8. Thanjavur

Brihadishvara Temple, Thanjavur
Brihadishvara Temple, Thanjavur

Thanjavur is the land of rice and paddy fields, coconut farms and streams. Its virgin beauty endears it to tourists. During the monsoons, the entire district comes alive with happiness. The beauty of the grand temples is magnified, while the various streams dance with joy. This is a great time to visit this place and explore its enchanting beauty.

9. Courtallam

Courtallam Waterfall
Courtallam Waterfall Mdsuhail at the English language Wikipedia / CC BY-SA

Go to Courtallam if you wish to see the roaring waterfalls in all their glory. This place is also called the “Spa of South India.” The various cascading waterfalls and health resorts make this place a popular monsoon destination in South India. For experiencing complete rejuvenation and witnessing nature’s beauty, go to Courtallam.

10. Vembanad Lake

Vembanad lake
Vembanad lake Vinayaraj / CC BY-SA

A monsoon trip to Vembanad Lake provides an experience of a lifetime. This scenic lake is considered to be the longest and largest in India. The area surrounding the lake is dotted with many resorts. Various houseboats also offer accommodation options for tourists. Fancy rod-fishing? Try it here!

11. Jog Falls

Jog Falls
Jog Falls Image Source: Pixels

Jog Falls is regarded as a top monsoon holiday destination in South India. Here, four different cascades combine to form an enormous waterfall. They are known as Raja, Rani, River, and Rocket. The dense greenery provides a perfect backdrop to the waterfalls, besides enhancing its beauty.

12. Pondicherry

Pondicherry Travel
Pondicherry Travel

Pondicherry allures travelers as much by its old-world beauty as by its fascinating heritage. The cobblestoned streets, cafes seated on street sides and old colonial houses attract everybody. Monsoons drape the city with a heavenly charm. It’s a delight to walk down the rain-soaked streets and feel the cool wind brush against the face. One should also visit Auroville and try French dishes.

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