The 8 Most Hostile Countries to Foreigners

travel the world and visit other countries, here is a brief look at some of the countries known to be very hostile to foreigners, and hopefully, this will help you prepare well and know exactly what to expect should any of these countries be one of your destinations-:  

1. North Korea

The secretive state of North Korea tops the list of the most hostile countries to foreigners. If you are from the west, particularly from the United States, then North Korea is one of the last places you should ever have as your travel destination simply because Americans are just not welcomed in this country. In this country, you could face a long jail term for doing something that wouldn’t qualify as a crime in any sane thinking nation. The laws are applied inconsistently and you truly never know what constitutes a crime and what is not a crime. If you have to travel to North Korea, therefore, be sure to do your research and know exactly the kind of danger you may run into.  

2. Nigeria

Nigeria is a wonderful country and one of the leading economic powerhouses on the continent of Africa. However, there are high rates of crime and foreign tourists are particularly targeted by rebels and criminal gangs for extortion. Reports of foreigners getting kidnapped are common and the lazy, lousy and highly corrupted police service are never of great help during such incidents. There are also constant threats of bomb attacks by terrorists, especially around public and religious holidays. The areas towards the north of the country are considered most dangerous and if you could help it, then you can always avoid traveling to such places.

3. Syria

Syria was once a peaceful and a very welcoming country, but since the civil war broke, it has literally become health on earth and unless you are rebel fighter or you are being deployed by your government for active duty in that country, you may want to choose other places to visit as a tourist. The region is highly affected by instability at the moment and foreigners are prime targets for the rebels who will ask for huge sums of money as ransoms. The rebels need all the money they can get to fund their operations and that means taking your life if your family or government is not willing to pay the ransom. At least for now, you should risk going for passport renewal for a visit to Syria, unless you are ready to have an experience of how it feels to be in hell.

4. Iraq

Rockets, mortars, IEDs and wanton shootings in Iraq ever since the ouster of Saddam. Back then, it used to be a quiet and peaceful country, but after the invasion by the collision forces, it has since turned into a battlefield. Insurgent groups remain active in the region and if you are from their sworn enemy countries like the United States, chances of getting captured and beheaded in front of cameras are very high. Besides, there are lots of combat operations going on in the country and you never when you may be at the wrong place at the wrong time or whose crosshairs you might find yourself in.

5. Afghanistan

The presence of the Taliban is a real threat in this country. Senseless killings, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and drug trafficking are some of the activities that go on in this country, and as such, it remains very hostile to foreigners, especially those the United States. In Iraq, the danger is always looming, and you never know when a suicide bomber will detonate their vests or when your vehicle will run over a landmine. The best thing to do for now would be to avoid this country and instead seek other peaceful destination where you won’t have to worry about dodging bullets or your car stepping on a landmine and you get blown up into pieces.

6. Somalia

Somalia has remained unstable since 1992 when the legitimately elected government was overthrown by a warlord. There are several armed rebel groups who know nothing but to terrorize both locals and especially foreigners. Kidnappings, theft, robberies, killings, and drug dealing have a very nice home in Somalia and it is one of those places you should never contemplate going unless you are convinced you are done with your life on earth and it would be okay if you were to meet your creator.

7. Sudan

Sudan still suffers from unrest, with thousands of people, both local and foreigners being killed every single year. The country experiences a lot of slavery and ethnic cleansing and this implies that the communities are always on each other’s throat and they will take the first opportunity available to strike. Westerners are particularly threatened by carjacking, rape, armed robberies, and kidnappings amongst others. If you don’t have the money or you don’t want to burden your family with paying thousands of dollars in ransom, then Sudan is a country you may find least interesting to visit.

8. Mexico

Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas and it has always been a very fertile ground for drug traffickers. This has turned it into a very violent country and a hostile one to most foreigners. US citizens in Mexico are particularly not a happy lot as statistics indicate that they are the most targeted and they also form the largest number of murder, kidnapping, and carjacking and robbery victims. Extortion and violence are also very common in the country, especially if you venture into the regions known to be controlled by the drug lords. Unless you are sticking to the known and popular tourist attraction sites, this is not a country you would wish to visit as you please.]]>

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