5 tips for the perfect city break


From Toronto to Paris to Beijing, city breaks across the globe are a timeless escape for those looking for an active
vacation or a taste of life in the concrete jungle. Just make sure you don’t get swept away by the fast-paced nature of a city, and forget to enjoy the sites and experiences of your destination.

Toronto is the best place for city breaks

Figure out transport options
Every city has its own unique transport system to help get you around. However, figuring out how to use the transport system can be another story. Prepare in advance and search the best routes to get to and from your hotel, the airport and chosen leisure activities.
Figure out transport optionsSome cities might offer a speedy subway system, while another might have a handy monorail way above the hustle
and bustle of those hectic roads. Most cities have a website with routes, maps, fares and ticket information which will
help you decide the best way to go, and allow you to buy your passes in advance.
There are also a couple of handy apps, such as Citymapper, which already has a bunch of cities under its belt, and
offers real time travel updates to keep you in the know.

Pick the right hotel
Whether you’re checking out the sights of London or spending a weekend holiday shopping in New York City, a city
break can be busy, and you want to make sure you find the perfect place to rest your head after a long day. If most of the spots you want to hit are downtown, staying in an uptown bed and breakfast might not be the most fitting hotel for your trip goals.
Additionally, you should consider that not only is your hotel accessible, but that it also suits all of your needs. If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic break, picking a hotel popular with families probably won’t allow for that peaceful, bonding time you were hoping for. Different hotels offer different amenities, so do some online searching or try a
handy comparison website to find the right one for you.
Stick to a budget
There’s nothing worse than running out of money halfway through your trip and having to dig into additional savings, or worse, rack up a hefty credit card bill. Keep an eye on the cost of your hotel and transport options and look up the average cost of local bars and restaurants.
BudgetAnother handy way to save money can be to use a comparison website. You can find out what hotels, flights, vehicle
rentals and travel insurance costs wherever and whenever you travel.

Make an itinerary
As well as money, you also don’t want to run out of time when you’re travelling. Before your trip, make a list of
must-see attractions and prioritize them. A good rule of thumb is to dedicate one area per day, and spend the day
taking in as many hot spots in that location as possible.

Find the foodie hotspots
Delhi FoodCity life tends to be “go go go,” so you want to make sure that you’re fuelled enough to keep up with the pace. Not to mention, cities are great places for food because there tends to be a lot of diversity. Whether you want the spiciest street food Delhi has to offer, or the yummiest paella in Barcelona, ask locals for hidden gems, get your hotel
concierge to let you in on traveller favourites or take recommendations from friends.